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Make your favorite weapons visible!

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Visible Favorited Gear
This simple and small mod adds an ability to make your favorited weapons visible. Tired of sword appearing out of nowhere after switching from bow, and bow disappearing into oblivion? Me too... That's why this mod exists.

1. Extract .zip file into Skyrim Special Edition folder.
2. Use configuration spell from powers menu to turn it on.


Known issues:
1. Bows can't be used while crossbows are favorited and vise versa. Otherwise clipping will occur and wrong models will be used in animations.
2. When crossbow is favorited and not equipped you might notice a displacement on crossbow model.
3. If crossbow is equipped all other favorited gear will have small displacement problems (mostly noticeable with two-handed weapons).
In other words it's better to avoid crossbows while using this mod.
4. When you dual wield same weapon in both hands (let's say 2 iron swords) and switch your weapon in right hand (let's say you switch it to iron axe) it ends up showing both weapons (both iron sword and iron axe).

Please note:
1. This mod does not change any meshes so it doesn't affect staffs (they will be invisible while sheathed) nor dual wielding (left hand weapons will still be invisible while sheathed).
2. This mod uses slot 60. If you have other mods that use slot 60 you will experience mod added gear being constantly unequipped.

Recommended mods:
Staves on Back ( http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/10530/? )

DragonDude1029 Without his mod for Original Skyrim "Equipping Overhaul" it would take me much longer to figure out the workaround for the geared up function.
People from Nexus forums Without them I would be stuck with creation kit dot com website... Because I am a noob ;)