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This mod is a texture replacer that replaces the banners in the mod Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE. I have re-textured the banners to give a more woven fabric medieval feel but still have modern and museum worthy look.

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Installation should be very simple. Just download manually or by vortex and install via your favorite mod manager. If for some reason you want to install manually, extract the contents of my file to the main folder of Skyrim eg: \Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim Special Edition\ and you should be ready to go. If anyone finds any bugs even though there shouldn't be as this only replaces the few banners that are in the museum, please let me know. Anyway, Please feel free to try out my mod and if anyone has any suggestions or requests concerning the mod, feel free to message me. (:


Icecreamassassin and Pickysaurus - For making the wonderful mod Legacy of the Dragonborn and allowing me to edit the banners in the mod.


  • Add 17 more colors you can choose from. Check back regularly to see if I have added any more colors! (:
  • Add variants with dragon language for all the colors.
  • Add a more silk textured border around the banners.
  • Screenshot and take 1 or 2 images of each color banner.
  • Make the borders and Dragonborn Museum Logo more whiter to make it stand out as it kinda blends in with each hue at this time.
  • Possibly make an omod to make it easier to choose which color banner you prefer.
  • Possibly add a woven dragon scale or sequin look to the dragon in the logo.