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Adds a fish hatchery behind the Explorer's Society Guildhouse.

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There are few things that the amazing mod Legacy of the Dragonborn is missing.  So I decided to make this addon as a companion to that mod.  It adds a fish hatchery behind the Explorer's Society Guildhouse.

The fish hatchery added by this mod requires you to construct the guildhouse for the Explorer's Society!
(and while it should not need to be stated, this requires Legacy of the Dragonborn V5)

Q. How long will it take for the fish to start spawning?
A. After adding items to the hatchery, just go exploring and questing and come back later.  The fish will be waiting for you!

Q. How do I get the dartwing trap to work?
A. After placing one of the following items to the hatchery, activate the trap and you will get a messagebox:  Abacean Longfin, Cyrodilic Spadetail, Histcarp, River Betty, Salmon Roe, or Silverside Perch.

Q. Is it compatible with X mod?
A. As long as the mod you list is compatible with Legacy of the Dragonborn, this should also be compatible (will likely not work on city overhauls that alter major structures and the rocks that make up Solitude).

Other Recommended LotD addons/companion mods:
The Curator's Companion by Ic0nIc0de
Milk and Honey by Maiq the Liar

Special Thanks:
Thanks to the dev team for Legacy of the Dragonborn for making such a wonderful mod to expand upon.
Thanks to the users in the LotD discord for putting up with my bs while I was working on this.
Thanks to TheNoobyDuelist for testing the mod.
Thanks to Maiq the Liar(Glados55) for testing the mod and providing general modding assistance.
Thanks to Ic0nIc0de for scripting help.
Thanks to SirJesto for doing some xEdit cleaning and flagging for ESL.