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This is a simple patch that allows the mod Window Shadows by HHaleyy to be used with Relighing Skyrim by JawZ.

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I was incredibly impressed by Window Shadow's new effects, but was disappointed to learn that using it alongside Relighting Skyrim causes light flickering. Luckily, my unrelenting stubbornness to solve the issue paid off, and this is the result. Essentially, all I've done is remove the edits from Relighting Skyrim to cells that are also edited by Window Shadows, allowing the latter mod to take over interior lighting for the cells it effects.

Only Window Shadows is required. This mod works as a replacement for Relighting Skyrim, and the original mod is therefore not required. Permission has been granted by JawZ to modify his work as needed.

UPDATE: During my hiatus, it seems my patch ceased to work as intended. Wojak927 fixed this issue and uploaded his update as a dropbox link in the comment section. I've uploaded his file as the new main file. Please uninstall the old version of the mod and download the updated version.

Huge thanks to Wojak and modders like him for keeping mods usable while mod authors are away.

This mod patches only the issues between the two mods shown above. Any other mods that add lights to cells or worldspaces will be incompatible.

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XBOX Version courtesy of substill.

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