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Overhaul SSE's jumping animations, simply and immersively.

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Everyone knows Vanilla jumping animations just look goofy. With the highly recommended Combat Gameplay Overhaul mod they looked even goofier at times. So, using the fount of resources that is the Nexus I compiled a simple overhaul of Skyrim's jumping animations that feel (and look) natural with a dose of fantasy akin to 3rd person games like Dragon's Dogma.

*None of these animations are made by me; I am only the compiler.
**Made with 3rd person play in mind.
***4 versions: 1) jump sprint roll, 2) no jump sprint roll, 3) no heavy armor jump sprint roll, 4) no CGO + no jump sprint roll

Mod Requirements:
- Combat Gameplay Overhaul (as I play with it, I took full use of iRetrospect's full compatibility patches) but a no CGO file available too.
- Dynamic Animation Replacer, the framework that allows custom conditions.
- ClassicSprinting Redone (skse64), never tested without it.
- Better Jumping SE. to enable jumping while sprinting.

Animations Used:
  • iRetrospect's Jump BehaviorOverhaul's is the base of this compilation: used his alternative animation replacers + Combat Gameplay overhaul patch (also alt. version animation replacers).
  • Bergzore's Run Sprint and Jump  (ported to SSE by me) used his mt_jump.hkx animation as standing jump.
  • davjes's Jump animations  (ported to SSE by me) used his Forward jump - Roll over jump for Sprint Jump then iRetrospect's mt_jump.hkx original animation - the no roll variant uses only JBO's original (as opposed to alt) animations which look like more effort is being exerted while sprint jumping.
  • 5poiler's Light Foot -Jumping Animation SSE used his mt_jumpland.hkx and mt_jump.hkx for weapon drawn jump forward animation.
  • yukl's YY Anim Replacer - Natural Jump (ported to SSE by me) for weapon drawn standing still jump (makes jump look a bit stiff but avoids weapon clipping with legs while using CGO).

Animation Demos:

- edit your BetterJumpiniSE.txt to make jumping while sprinting possible.
- edit your BetterJumpingSE.txt to make sprint jumping further than a normal jump (in the videos "Jump height multiplier for all jumps (always multiplied)" is set to 0.8 AND "Jump height multiplier for sprint jump (multiplied if sprinting and jumping)" is set to 1.0.
- if this compilation doesn't suit your tastes try one of the animations used to compile it (they're mentioned above).

- 100% safe to install and uninstall via your mod manager, try it without any risk.

Possible Updates:
- Make compatible with 360 movement mods.
- Add more no CGO options.
- fomod installation.
- Any suggestions are welcomed (haven't tested all the animation combinations myself; if a certain weapon-jump combo looks weird feel free to post or PM).

Big thanks to the original mod authors who made the animations and to Dynamic Animation Replacer the tool that powers the custom conditions.