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This mod retextures the ambient dust particles which float in the air and also the falling dust effect in dungeons and such places. Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 texture sizes.

Permissions and credits
This is a conversion of Ramccoid's amazing mod DUST. The original creator passed away at the beginning of this year and I didn't want  his work to get left behind. He left open permissions it looks like so I plan to convert any of his mods that weren't already converted. Rest in peace Roy,  your work was, and still is fantastic.

Original Description

This mod retextures the falling dust effects to look more like dust instead of smoke. I have also retextured the ambient floating dust particles you see in the air to look more real instead of looking like dots.
I've edited the texture paths in the falling dust meshes so they use their own textures instead of sharing them with the smoke effects which vanilla tends to use for quite a number of visual effects.

Available in x256, x512, x1024 and x2048 texture sizes.

Not compatible with mods that change the textures and meshes used in this mod.

version 1: initial release

version 1.1: Tweaked some textures and added a cloudier version to give the effect of more dust falling.

version 1.2: Tweaked some textures. Added dust effect for bats flying away and another ambient dust effect. Dustier version has been discontinued due to the fact that v1.2 is more dustier but using better textures.

version 2.0: Overhauled all textures with new ones. I think these are the best yet.
Fixed a wrong texture path in one of the meshes which was causing the game to display squares.

version 3.0: Redone all ambient dust. I have made the effects more denser and improved the colour and textures. I reckon this is pretty close to finished.

version 4.0: Overhauled all textures.
Made ambient dust more finer (thanks to Octopuss for the suggestion). Now looks much better and more natural.
Retextured falling dust effect and in my opinion, now looks far superior to all previous versions. The effect looks more dustier and more cloudier.
Added a fix for the snowflake bug when using custom snowflake textures.

version 5.0: I have completely overhauled the entire mod. I am finally pleased with the result.

version 6.0: Updated falling dust effect, I think it now looks fantastic. Fixed issues with over brightness and retextured ambient dust effects, they are now more subtle and finer. Fixed the incompatible texture with ELECTRIFY now they will not conflict.  I will consider version the final one, unless any problems are reported or discovered.