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Adds four longcoats and three sets of boots and bracers, available through crafting.

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As an admirer of the longcoat, it has been a long time indeed since I've played Skyrim without str8maverick's Duelist Longcoat mod, and the same goes for Jerros's "Steel Dragon Longcoat" retexture. But in playing, I could never help but feel disappointed that the four coats had all of the same stats and crafting requirements. This mod aims to fix that by giving the coats and their corresponding accessories differing stats, values, and crafting requirements...along with a little something extra to give at least one version of the "Steel Dragon Longcoat" a way to live up to its name. ;3

All of that being said, "Balanced Longcoats" adds four trench coat-esque pieces of armor to the game along with three matching boots and bracers (the Grey Longcoat does not come with matching boots or bracers). The coats and their crafting requirements are listed below.

Grey Longcoat

Duelist Longcoat
Duelist Boots
Duelist Bracers

Swordsman Coat
Swordsman Boots
Swordsman Gloves

Dark Swordsman Coat
Dark Swordsman Boots
Dark Swordsman Gloves

I felt that the armors were a bit overpowered, so even the strongest of the coats has been scaled back a bit--but don't worry, it has a little something extra to make it worth the wait. The changes to the coats base armor ratings are as follows:

Grey Longcoat: 60 -> 30
Duelist Longcoat: 60 -> 35
Swordsman Coat: 60 -> 42
Dark Swordsman Coat: 60 -> 50

The Boots and Bracers/Gloves have had their armor rates adjusted accordingly. Additionally, the values of each item below the Dark Swordsman set have been adjusted so that players cannot gain a ton of smithing exp or gold by crafting a ton of any of these items.

Beyond these adjustments, I have changed nothing. The looks of the coats remain intact, so please enjoy brand new rebalanced versions of the coats made by str8maverick and Jerros!

Original Duelist Longcoat: