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A male preset for COtR.

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A  M  A  N    J  E  A  N  -  P  I  E  R  R  E
A  C O t R  C H A R A C T E R  P R E S E T

A M A N  J E A N - P I E R R E  |  R E D G U A R D  |  M A G E  |  2 0 - S O M E T H I N G


My last preset upload was... April 6!?

Damn, time sure does fly. In all honesty, my interests have a tendency to wax and wane, and Skyrim is no exception. Well, that, and I've been feeling pretty unmotivated these past couple of months. Though I haven't been as active and I haven't been putting new stuff out, I've missed all of you guys. I've been gaining interest in Skyrim and modding again for the time being, so I wanted to put a little someone together to share. ♡ ♡ ♡

Well, actually, I've had Aman conceptualized and created as a preset for a little while now, though in a rather rough and unfinished state. I've decided to finish him up so that I could finally share him with all of you guys. I've got several more unfinished presets, male and female, that I've accumulated here and there since April, so hopefully I can finish and share those presets soon™.


With that being said, I present Aman Jean-Pierre.

Aman is a Redguard mage, from the Kingdom of Daggerfall in High Rock.

I've designated Aman as a mage, but ultimately, how you choose to play him is up to you. Remember that all my presets merely act as starting points to help to jumpstart your playthrough and are canvases for your creativity!

Aman comes in two editions: a standard edition (1.0) and an extended edition (1.0X). The only difference between the two versions is that the extended edition has tattoos from Community Overlays 2 (link in Recommended section), while the standard edition doesn't. The screenshots of Aman below are of the extended edition. Personally, I prefer this one, as I feel it adds a little more character to him. In my opinion, it just feels right for a mage to have some badass tattoos!

Though, if you'd prefer to have one less requirement, then the standard edition is for you.


The following is a list of the general requirements and recommended mods if you'd like to use Aman as intended. Even though these are listed as requirements, you don't necessarily need everything on this list (except COtR--you absolutely need that), but I can't promise that Aman will look similar in your game as he does in my screenshots. The recommended mods are clothes and accessories that I've chosen to dress Aman with.

It looks scary, but I promise it's not that bad! If you've used my presets before, this monstrosity should seem pretty familiar. ;)

H A R D  R E Q U I R E M E N T S

The Eyes of Beauty + COtR x The Eyes of Beauty Patch
HG Hairdos (Potentially NSFW!)
SV Beards for COtR

S O F T  R E Q U I R E M E N T S

SAM Light + SAM Light High-Poly Conversion + SAM Light Texture Add-On + SAM Morphs for RaceMenu (NSFW!)
SavrenX Muscular Body Map (NSFW!)
SAM Light Texture Add-On x COR Patch* (Also NSFW!)

Community Overlays 2 (Only needed for the tattooed edition, 1.0X.)

Aman was created with the SAM Light collection of mods in mind, so he will use the SAM Body Sliders and SAM Body Hair Overlays if you have them installed. If not, Aman will still load fine without them. Though, you may need to adjust the size of his hands, as I've fitted them to have realistic proportions with SAM.

Alternatively, you can use Vitruvia if you'd like to keep using the Vanilla/SOS Light Body, but would still like to eliminate the neck seam. You can also use the Dizona Body with the official COtR patch, or really any other body mod you'd like. Again, these body mods are all merely suggestions for a seamless experience with Aman.


DB First Armor for SAM**
(Cloth Boots, Cream -- Cloth Bracers, Cream -- Cloth Pants, Sage -- Cloth Top, Leather)

Realistic Eyeglasses
(Eyeglasses - Gold Black)


*Download the file titled COR - SAM Lite Patch 1.0a Unpack it, then re-arrange the folder structure as (Data>Textures>!COR_Male>Head) then repack and install as a normal mod, overwriting the original COtR textures.

**You will need to port this to SE. Run the meshes through Cathedral Assets Optimizer, and the ESP through CK, and you should be good to go!


Enjoy! If you’re playing with him, I’d love to see Aman in your game. ♡



This wouldn't have been possible without the amazing work of m4mk203 and the COtR Team, so be sure to drop by his page and give them some love! ♡ ♡ ♡

M Y  O T H E R  M O D S  A N D  E N D S

Check out my profile. ♡