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A high definition retexture for the Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit resources added by the Hearthfire DLC. Available in 2K and 4K.

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HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit SE

This is a port of the original HD Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit for Hearthfire.
Ported with permission from author.
Cathedral Landscapes and RWT used in images.


High definition texture and mesh replacer for the Stone Quarry and Clay Deposit resources added by the Hearthfire DLC. These are hand-made, high-quality textures done from scratch.

  • Realistic, High Definition textures for Stone Quarry and Clay Deposits
  • Textures available in 2K and 4K versions
  • Removed the annoying "plastic" shine on clay deposit
  • New Normal Maps, available in 2K, made for detail and realism
  • Custom meshes included to minimize stretching, seams, and add fix for blending
  • ESL-flagged plugin also included, and required, as part of the blending fix

Due to the blending fix, both the clay deposits and stone quarries are now compatible with all mods, without the need for texture patches! The blending fix uses an alpha to hide all the top texture besides the part that is desired. This means the clay deposits will work with any landscape texture overhaul.

The stone quarries are the same and are technically compatible will all mountain retextures, however, they are made for vanilla textures. This means they may not match the color and luminosity of other mountain retextures. Since I discovered most mountain retextures don't allow permission for asset use, I've provided two resource files for users to edit and make their desired mountain textures compatible with this mod's stone quarry texture.

The available texture patches are provided in the original resolution of their respective mods. The following mods have patches available:
  • Majestic Mountains (all versions)