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This guide will teach you how to put Racemenu created faces on NPCs and is intended for users with little to no experience of modding but willing to put some time and effort into modifying their favorite NPCs.

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Using Racemenu to make nice looking face for my character? Piece of cake. Using the Creation Kit to change NPCs faces? Piece of cake. Using Racemenu to make heads for NPCs? Hell on earth. I've spent months trying to make it work. The most frustrating thing was I knew it was possible, users were talking about it, people would post replacer mods on the Nexus. I tried every technique I could find, watched tutorials way above my modding ability but after countless hours wasted I gave up, it was just too hard.

I kept making heads wishing I could put them on NPCs, I kept using replacer made by other people wishing I could change this or that. Until last week, as I was looking at yet another replacer who credited a guide called "How to edit NPCs without Nifmerge" by Kalilies. Since I didn't remember reading this one, I thought I would give it a shot, but I wasn't really hoping much at this point. It was a revelation, only a few pages, a few steps, with images and not a lot of tools used. The guide was still hard to follow at times and I nearly gave up midway, but after a few days I finally got it to work!

So as a thank you to Kalilies and his great tutorial I thought I would make one myself, but I would make it so easy to use that anybody could follow it, for people like me, a guide on H
ow to use Racemenu faces on NPCs, by a noob, for noobs.


This is my first contribution to the Nexus, I hope I've done everything correctly on this end. Concerning my guide, I take all the criticism you have, be it comments on steps that may be shortened, unclear instructions, method improvement. I will also gladly take any grammar corrections since the guide is quite lengthy and english isn't my first language.