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Fast travel while in combat, over encumbered, in the air, pursued by guards, from indoors and more. SKSE64 plugin, lightweight and configurable through MCM.

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  • Russian
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  • French
Allows you to remove nearly all fast travel restrictions. Each restriction can be switched on/off through MCM. Works by patching game code responsible for restricting fast travel, does not modify any data on cells or other forms. Included esp only adds the MCM and is not required for the plugin to function, though it's currently the only way to configure it.

You can fast travel:

  • When in combat/enemies nearby
  • While over-encumbered
  • While taking damage
  • If pursued by guards
  • While in the air
  • From indoors and other locations where fast travel is not allowed
  • When fast travel is disabled by scripts/console
  • To restricted locations while riding a dragon (use with caution)

There's an additional option to allow fast travel from restricted worldspaces (like the Soul Cairn or Sovngarde). This is off by default since it may break certain quests - for example traveling out of Sovngarde during the final quest would be a bad idea. Use with caution.

Should be compatible with everything, as long as something doesn't modify the same areas of code (I'm not aware of any plugins which do).

Source is on GitHub