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Jebbalon – follower who heals and has enhanced ai
Depths of Despair (New Challenging Dungeon with fetch quest)

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REQUIRES: The Sands of Time (SSE)

Dare ye enter?


Do you miss the old school dungeon crawlers?  Are you tired of the linear "crawl spaces" and desire to lose yourself in a labyrinth full of adventure?
Great news!  The Sands of Time Team has your back!  (The verdict is still out on whether that is a good thing or not....)

We're bringing back--through some virtual necromancy--the classical style dungeon known as the Depths of Cavern, made by the talented SAIXML (and we completely SoTimized it)!

Now, you can experience, through the eyes of your unfortunate (and most likely underdressed) avatar, what it is like to get lost in a truly magnificent dungeon, all while baddies are coming at you from the shadows in the corner.  Be sure to bring a follower or two and to find a new addition that will happily join your party!  We offer up (for sacrifice) our very own Jebbalon!  He is a healer that will help you and your team in all your ventures.  

Go forth now traveler, seek danger and reap rewards!  (Enjoy an old school RPG dungeon romp--the way it should be!)

NOTICE:  This dungeon is recommended for level 15+ characters.
 (Those with lower levels are welcomed though!  The monstrosities below do get hungry.)


1) Depths of Despair (New Challenging Dungeon with fetch quest) Dungeon which is based on Depths of Cavern- The classical style dungeon by saixml ported from SE and modified by SOT Team.

2) Jebbalon – follower who heals and has enhanced AI

3) Necrophage Oil (modified from Mihail version)

4) Necrophage Concentrated Oil

5) Blessed Ambrosia which grants (New!) LifeWardPower – heals and bestows the wearer with increased damage resistance / power
attacks and a flame cloak if their health drops to a critical level--once a day

     Dungeon Features:

          1)     5 unique levels, with each level sporting a unique name.

          2)     Dungeon leveled to player x 1.25 or so but Indeep levels, your character will often be exposed to destruction magic and
elemental (fire, frost, shock) attack. Your character needs enough ability or equipment for magic resistance. If not, use loot from dungeon wisely.  Recommend level 15 or higher characters.

         3)     This is the grid-based, non-linear-crawl dungeon--like in early days of CRPG     

     Jebbalon the follower, featuring:

         1)     AI based on mod Celestine Healer Custom AI from old Skyrim, by techprince

         2)     Based on SSE Enhanced AI Framework by EtherealCoder

         3)     Enhanced Combat AI

         4)     Can heal player

         5)     Can cast buffs on player before combat--automatically

         6)     Can heal self

         7)     Quest with reward requiring exploration of Depths of Despair

the follower is not custom voiced. Maybe later.



     Step 1) Backup your save game in case you wish to uninstall the mod at a later time.
     Step 2) Download and install with your preferred mod manager.
     Step 3) Ensure the ESP is active (ticked)

     Step 4) Enjoy! 

Then wait for courier to give you letter..  Entering a store and leaving it accelerates this.