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This mod adds the so called Nightshade Armor to the game, basically a female Deadpool Armor, which can be worn by yourself or by your follower.

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What does this mod do?

This Mod adds the so called Nightshade Armor to Skyrim. It is based on the suit of the comic book character Deadpool or rather his counterpart Lady Deadpool, aka Wanda Wilson.

I've changed the name of the armor so that it better suits the lore of Skyrim, without putting a reminder to a comic book character in the game.

The armor can be found behind Angis Camp by the mountain side.

Details about the Armor:

What I want to say right off the bat is that the torso part is from the mod Marvel Heroes - Deadpool. Many Thanks to Ainulindale, who gave me the permission to use it with my own mod. I've changed some minor details and the color of the whole thing to fit it to the rest.

The armor is based on the Dark Brotherhood armor and was only adjusted by changing the texture to a close look to the one of Deadpool. There is only a female version because I played a female character back in the day where I initally made this mod for myself. But obviously you can also give it to your female follower, if you want to.

The icing on the cake is the mask which is based on the execution hood (Not the executioner's but the one of the sentenced folk^^). I've modified the mesh and put a new color on so it looks pretty decent in my opinion.

The swords I am using, that you can see in the pictures, are called Ninjatos. Unfortunately I forgot which mod has these. I remeber these to be part of a collection of Katanas and as I only needed one perticular type, I've deleted the others.

Legal Issues and further information

If there should be any interest in future updates, let me now. But more important look out for bugs and name them so I can fix everything. I have tested the armor only with a nord character, but as I have used a template inside the creation kit, it should work with any other race as well. I do not guarantee that this mod will leave your game unharmed, although its most unlikely that anything bad is going to happen. :-) Have fun!

As I did not create the cuirass by myself, I cannot give anyone the permission to publish it in another custom mod.