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Why be Dovahkiin when you can be Dovahpool? Adds Deadpools armour into Skyrim with optional new race so you can play as the Merc With A Mouth

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  • French
**2020 UPDATE**
Just logged on after years away, gotten a lot of messages about this mod! To summarise - I wont be able to edit or modify anything, i've been away so long i've forgotten how... and I don't really have time, however I now give full permission for anyone to take any of this and do whatever they like with it. Feel free to credit me if you upload any changes, I won't be checking though..
This means I won't be making PS4/X-Box versions either (No idea how..), or making the whole mutant race thing any better (or the, let's face it, crap texture!), personally I would just grab the armour only version!
Thank's for everyone's interest!

This mod adds a unique set of armour to Skyrim, based on the Marvel character, Wade Wilson, Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth!
Furthermore, it adds an (optional) new race, "Mutant", allowing you to create your character with Wade's famous "good looks", and also comes with some Deadpool based racial bonuses and abilities.

The Armour:
Based around the Shrouded Armour plus Nightingale boots, retextured with the red and black scheme of Deadpool. It's unenchanted, and can be crafted under the leather section of the forge, and tempered as usual at the workbench. Stat-wise it's a little stronger than Shrouded armour. Note the set is standalone, and not a replacer of the shrouded armour. Although it's based on the notrious latex-bodysuit styles of Marvel, i've attempted to make it look more leather based, more in keeping with Skyrim. It's about as lore-friendly as you can get whilst having a Deadpool logo on your belt!
Also included in version 2 is an X-Force variant grey retexture.
Female versions, and all races compatible!

The Race:
"Mutant" race includes a new skin texture with Wade's cancerous good looks, as well as 2 racial abilities. Healing Factor makes you immune to disease and grants a much higher health regeneration rate, however Cellular Instability means you're more prone to magic based attacks and less resistant to poison. It's not that balanced but then again it's a Marvel character, not some milk-drinking Nord! Male and female compatible.
N.B - the female version does not have custom textures for the body, this ensures compatibility with popular female texture mods for altered body meshes, also I want to improve the skin textures more before building them for the female version + body mod compatible versions.

The main file contains everything you need to play as the new Deadpool based race, and get the armour at the forge. An alternative file in the optional section will include just the armour for those who don't want the additional race.

Compatibility & Troubleshooting
The armour should not conflict with anything else. It should also be compatible with SkyRe's Reproccer.
If you are using other mods that add new races there may be issues I haven't accounted for, please let me know! There is a version which includes only the armour if required.
*N.B* Changing the complexion in the race menu will loose the skin on the head. If you want a different complexion, choose this first, then change to another race, then back to the Mutant race. This will allow the mutant skin with the desired complexion, then you can edit as normal.
French translation available:

Recommend NMM.
Manually, extract into your Skyrim folder. To remove, delete the esp (either AINDeadpool or AINDeadpool - Armour depending on which version you chose, delete the Deadpool folder from both data/meshes and data/textures folder.

Future Versions:
*2020 update* I fell off of the modding scene years ago, sorry!

Dual Sheath Redux - to get the swords sheathed on the back like in the screenshots.
Bandolier Bags + Pouches - for that fully equipped look!
Immersive Weapons - lots of katanas and blades perfect for Deadpool.

*2020 update* DO whatever you want, feel free to credit me for anything used!