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Extra Dimensional Storage is a power that lets you access a chest shared between all characters that have this mod installed.

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While sleeping, you have a dream: You see someone that you unconsciously recognize as a Dragonborn, yet you have never seen him and he doesn't seem to be aware of your presence either.

As you try to interact with him, your vision quickly shifts to another Dragonborn: a stormcloak, then another: an imperial...
It continues shifting from a world to another, each world is the same as the one you live in, yet a little different with different heroes that are not you.

The last one seems as unaware of you as the others but, unlike them, he does something different: A shout that you have never seen before, soon after, he looks right at you and as he tries to hand you something that you cannot see, you wake up, with the knowledge of a new power.

How it works & Usage
When you install the mod, you will receive a new power called "Extra Dimensional Storage", upon using it, a container will open up in which you will be able to store or take items from it.

After closing it, the game will be auto saved and its content will be written in an external file (SKSE/Plugins/StorageUtilData/EDS.json).
This file will be read and written everytime you access the chest, making the items persist between multiple characters and saves.
The source is included and I am open to suggestion as to how to improve this mod or additional features you want added.

This mod was made and can be used as a tool to roleplay: A miner selling ores to another Dragonborn of another dimension in exchange of Septims or food, A warrior obtaining an artifact or robe suited for a mage in exchange of a sword enchanted by a mage from another dimension, and so on.