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Adds a linked, functional basement to all Vanilla, Hearthfire and Dragonborn player houses that automatically sorts and stacks crafting materials, food, ingredients and potions as PHYSICAL ITEMS on shelves.

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Adventurer's Basement adds a linked basement to each of the Vanilla, Hearthfire and Dragonborn player houses. The primary purpose of this basement is to automatically sort all crafting materials, food, ingredients and potions in the players inventory and display them throughout the basement as individual physical items. The basement also contains the full suite of crafting, improving and enchanting appliances.

The basement is either automatically added upon the acquisition of a player house (Whiterun and Solstheim), or purchasable as a house decoration from the steward of the applicable town (Riften, Markarth, Windhelm and Solitude). The basement is also automatically added to the outdoors area of each Hearthfire house, and can be moved indoors or disabled via the Drafting Table at each site. The basement can also be added to custom mod houses via the use of a spell which can be learnt from inside the basement. While the same singular basement is accessible from any of these locations, the exit ladder will return the player to the same house they entered from. This mod can therefore not be used for teleportation.

The basement's sorting system handles all items used in the crafting or improvement of any weapon or armor, all items used or created via cooking, all ingredients, all potions not created by the player, and all items used in the construction of the Hearthfire Houses (with the exception of the trophies in the Trophy Room).
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- A system that sorts and stocks all crafting materials (as physical items on shelves). - Forge, Smelter, Workbench, Grindstone, Tanning Rack, Wood Chopping Block, Enchanting Table Alchemy Table, 
- Storage for crafting materials, food, ingredients, potions, and Hearthstone building supplies.
- Basement automatically added to Breezehome and Severin Manor upon acquisition by player.
- Basement is a purchasable decoration in Honeyside, Vlindrel Hall, Hjerim and Proudspire Manor.
- Basement available at Hearthfire house plots. Can be moved indoors or disabled via Drafting Table.
- Basement addable to custom mod houses via the use of a spell.

Option A:
Use Nexus Mod Manager

Option B: (Manual)
Extract the contents of the .rar file into your Skyrim/Data folder

This mod may conflict with any mod that changes the internal structure of player houses. This can be fixed within the mod, as the options menu allows players to disable any offending trapdoors, and place custom trapdoors in appropriate places.

Further Notes

If you encounter any bugs or have any suggestions, please post in the discussion or create a forum post above. I will be actively watching both places for some time.

Please endorse my file if you enjoy it. Any support is appreciated :-)

Future BHM House Mods

I have plans to add my scholar's basement mod to Skyrim Special Edition in future, and update it at that time.