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The Hindu God, Lord Shiva. The destroyer of evil, and father to Lord Kartikeya, the demon slayer.

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This is Lord Shiva, the hindu god of destruction and recreation. You do not want to get in a bad side with this guy, because when he gets into destruction mode, you'd wish you never were created. He is not known as the destroyer of evil for nothing, when he destroys it goes with a BOOM!!! He is also the proud father to Ganesha and the demon slayer Kartikeya. Thankfully Shiva has an almost endless fuse, so he does not explode that easily, but when he does, it goes with a huge BOOM!!! Shiva is a loving, compassionate humorous kind of guy, who loves the beauty of life. Someone who does not like evil and everything that comes with it. He is not much for crowds either and will spend most of his time connecting with mother nature, meditating near a waterfall, if he is not visiting the monks in the Himalayas. But now, in a time of madness and corruption, causing end of the world, or what the norse would call it Ragnarok, he has arrived to skyrim to help Dragonborn, hunting down and destroying all evil.

  • Name: Shiva
  • Weight: 100
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Black
  • Race: Nord
  • Clothes: Forsworn
  • Weapons: Sword
  • Spells: Fire and lightning 
  • Location: High Hrothgar
  • Essential: YES
  • Marriageable: No, already married to Parvati


If you do not like Shiva's destruction mode armor (Forsworn) I highly recommend Rebel Prince Armor, that you can buy from Divine Elegance Store. You need that mod installed to bee able to give Shiva the rebel prince armor after you have bought it from that store. The rebel prince armor would give him a more realistic look and also give him more justice in clothes. Also that armor  has a way better protection than the forsworn armor! I use the rebel prince armor to Malik and Shiva when I play this characters, and it looks FANTASTIC on them.

Credits and content

Apachii Sky Hair
Quiant Eyes
Hvergelmir's Brows