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Fixes the Bijin NPCs black face bug for Legate Rikke in the Civil War quest.

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This is a small patch that fixes the black face bug for Legate Rikke during the civil war quest, I faced this bug in-game and searched the Bijin NPCs page to find a solution, but found a bug opened and no one sent a fix for it, so I decided to post mine here.

I don't know if anyone is still having the bug or not because the mod is very old,, but for anyone who didn't find a solution, here it is.

This is my third mod after 10 years of my previous mod, but I hope that the patch works for everyone who needs it, if you face any problem, please send me and I will try to fix it.

Load this file after "Bijin NPCs.esp" or "Bijin AIO.esp" files in your load order and make sure no other mod overwrites Rikke record from this esp.