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Fix for the Candlelight Spell and Magelight Spell in SE/VR

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 Special thanks to all my Patrons and supporters, you are awesome!  

The Candlelight Spell is pretty much unusable in VR, because the light is floating too close to your face. It´s dazzling and sort of blocks your sight. Unfortunately  the available 1st Person Candlelight Fix, doesn´t fix this problem for the VR version of the game.

I changed the postition of the lightsource, by moving it up and back. So now it´s floating above your head, rather than in front of your face, blocking the sight.
I also reduced glow by 60% (not the emitted light). Alternatively i made a "No Glow" version for those who perfer (use only one). 

Shifted the color of the Magelight Spell to a slight blue/purple. Also available in two versions - "60% Reduced Glow" or "No Glow"  
See images for comparison (Screenshots are made in VR).

This mod has been confirmed to work well with SE, although its main purpose was to make these spells usable in VR.

just download and add to your mod manager, or the download folder of your manager. Then install like any other mod and overwrite if prompted. This is just a single mesh, no plugin. 

- disable/uninstall the mod from your manager or remove the files from your Skyrim directory


If you want to change the intensity of the glow, you can do this by opening the file lightspellactorfx.nif of this mod with Nif Scope,  then select 
77 BSEffectShaderProperty and change the value of the Emissive Multiple as seen in the image below. Then save the file. To help you finding
your sweet spot, here are some reference values. 

Vanilla = 1.000000 
Reduced Version = 0.400000
No Glow Version = 0.000000

Thx to Wolfman5750 for pointing me in the right direction mate ;)


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