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Changes Mirai’s age to 19 years old and makes her slightly taller to show that she has grown up and become a woman. Now that she’s an adult, it makes things less awkward if you want to marry Mirai as part of her “Romance” quest.

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“Mirai– The WOMAN with the dragon heart”

“Mirai – The girl with the dragon heart” is a great follower mod. It's a creative and interesting story with fantastic voice acting by Yui Hisaishi. This makes it well worth the effort of getting past a few bugs here and there. 

You just need to be patient, save often, and use the manual as a last resort to get through the quests. My only problems were fixed by a simple reload and try again. 

Mirai has 3 major quests:

  • The “Book” quest, which is Mirai’s main storyline. 
  • The “Dragon” quest related to her origin story.
  • And the "First and Last" romance quest where you can date and marry Mirai.

I enjoyed the first two quests, but when it came to the “Love” quest I had an issue: Mirai is just too young to marry. In the story she is portrayed as 17 years old, and this "too-young" effect is compounded by her small size.

I know that it’s just a fantasy game, but it still bothers many people that she is only 17. Too young for a romance quest and too young to get


If you skipped the romance, you missed a lot of great content

Because of this age problem, many people choose to skip Mirai’s love quest, which means they’re missing a lot of the mod’s content. This is sad because it’s well done and interesting content. She even has a song that she’ll sing for you.

So, to encourage everyone to start that quest, I have changed Mirai’s age to 19 years old and made her slightly taller. Now she’s a full-grown woman that you can feel better about pursuing.

I made the age change by tweaking one line of dialog (non-voiced), and adding a letter referencing her turning 20 years old “next
summer”. You should get the letter from the courier sometime after completing Mirai's main quest.

I know it’s a stupid simple mod, but if it gets a few more people to do the romance quest and experience the well made content, then I will consider this mod a success :)