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A weapon pack that is still a WIP and not completed that aims to add in new immersive weapons.

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PUGS Weapon Pack

Are you on your 500th playthrough of Skyrim? Are you trying to revamp your next playthrough with new equipment to slay your enemies, and quest to your hearts content. Then look no further, PUGS Weapon Pack is a WIP mod that aims to add in a variety of immersive (ish) weapons to the game via crafting recipes, stores and leveled lists.

As said above this mod is still a work in progress,  meaning that there will be constant updates providing new content and fixes. I'm still a new modder there will be bugs and issues while im still learning the whole creation kit workflow and converting items ready for skyrim to use. However if you encounter any problems ill try to fix all of them ASAP.

Most recent Changelog: V5.0
  (30th May 2020)

Changelog 6.0 (Coming Soon)
  • New 2 handed warhammer called "Small Steel Head Warhammer".
  • New Dagger "Shadow Dagger".
  • New 2 handed greatsword "Nordic Claymore".
  • All weapons have had the ability to be tempered at a grindstone.

Changelog 5.0 (30th May 2020)

  • New Arrow type "Fine Point Steel Arrow"
  • New One handed axe "Nordic Tomahawk"
  • Fine steel point arrows are in the bandit leveled list
  • All Weapons (Steel Stiletto Dagger, Devout Longsword, Nordic Hunting Axe, Runic Warhammer, Nordic Tomahawk, Fine Steel Point Arrows and Metal Framed Shield) Are now in shop inventories (Traders and Blacksmiths)

Changelog 4.5 (27th May 2020)

  • Fixed texture issue regarding shine and metalness on some weapons.

Changelog 4.0 (27th May 2020)

  • Added new one handed axe called "Nordic Hunting Axe"
  • Added new shield called "Metal Framed Shield"
  • Added all existing weapons except engraved varients, to the bandit leveled lists.
  • Texture updates and fixes.
  • All new items have bloodmaps included.

Changelog 3.0 (25th May 2020)

  • New Longsword weapon added (In game name is "Devout Steel Longsword"
  • Longsword has custom scabbard/sheath
  • Longsword and Steel Stiletto Dagger now have Blood meshs applied and working.
  • New Longsword has Multiple varitations with different handle textures, and a
  • engraved version with unique blade and handle texture.
  • New Bastard Sword themed after fire added (Flame bastard sword)  has blood
  • mesh and crafting recipe however still working on a scabbard for this weapon
  • Added a one handed runic warhammer, with blood mesh and crafting recipe.
  • Im looking into level list integration.