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Fully workable, Best Boating Mod Period!!
Now With Fishing, Buildable boats to use on all major bodies of water in Skyrim, Solstheim & now Falskaar
Sail to & from other lands.
Frostfall Compatible..

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L.V.X Magicks - Boats

Build 9 different types of boats that you can use on the lakes & seas of Skyrim, Solstheim & Falskaar.
They have cargo separate for each model & each have a different theme.. you can optimize them to your liking & choices of different speeds..



 Rowboats, Sailboats, & Vikking Nordic ships..

You can build them yourself & pick them back up & take them with you.
The sails can be lowered or raised, & you can fast travel from Skyrim to Solstheim & all the major hold along the sea of ghosts when using the boats on the seas.

They also work at the major lakes in Skyrim..They are fully optimizable to the larger bodies of water..
Sail to Solstheim or Falskaar & back at will.

With your support & endorsements the mod will get better & better.
Future plans include larger ships with interiors &
3rd person views.

New boat added in homage to the awesome mod
The Scarlett - A Buildable Ship (SE)

There is now the "Scarlet Rowboat" fully functioning & usable..

Go to the Smithing Anivil & the
Boat - (Construction kit)
Should be under the Misc menu"

I would like to thank all the people that have help me build this mod 

Featured on MXR Mod Showcase

In particularly Legonman Helping me get the math & postioning down with out his help in knowing the calculations there would be no L.V.X Magick Boats..
theshepherd helped out tremendously
& so did Glitchfinder
PraedythXVI for the Awesome Rowboat Resources
DeviantKaled Nordic Boats
Other Translations 

Spanish By Vargav

German By Dreifels
jihan02 - French Translation - Bug Testing

Skyrim MOD Emporium Showcase

RDSVIDS - Skyrim Top 5 Mods of the Week #155


Future plans PREVIEW CONCEPT Video

I would also like to thank the people on the discord for their hard work that they put into helping me out.
Thank you very much & enjoy..

Please Check My Other Mods & Patches
Enjoy the mod & please Provide some feedback so I can make the mod better :)

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On a Personel Note:
I would like to dedicate this mod to my mother she died of cancer this past year 2020.
I love you mom & rest in peace..
Nancy Lee Seright (Brock)
Wednesday, August 1st, 1956 - Sunday, October 18th, 2020