Skyrim Special Edition
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Prevents NPCs from doing magic flash steps to evade your arrows/bolts.

Now with additional option for slower backwards moving mages.

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LE Version -> No Magic Ninja Ai Dodge - Slower Mage backward sprinting

Small game tweak to disable the weird sidewards slide NPCs do to avoid arrows and spells fired at them.

This is what this mod prevents.

The ESP sets one (1) setting in the game from a 1 to a 0, (ON/OFF if you so will). If it isn't working for you, you have another mod addressing the same settin or Todd Howard hates you.

There's an alternative esp, which will additionally slow backward 'sprinting' for mages. 

The alternative esp will slow the players backward movements as well. I unfortunately lack the knowledge on how to seperate this from player/npcs.

Originally this has already been done in SkyTweak, but i did't want SkyTweak only for one setting back then and I am pretty sure i'm not alone on this.

Requirements and installation

Drop the ESP into your data folder and activate it in whatever launcher you're using to play skyrim.

For those with the inclination to dispense advice and wisdom about game balance: Don't. Just don't download the mod and move on.