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Prevents NPCs from doing magic flash steps to evade your arrows/bolts.

Now with additional option for slower backwards sprinting mages.

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No magic ninja ai dodge

My mod put onto the Skyrim SE section for your convenience. This is the same esp. as for the normal game, has been tested and found working without issues.

The original page for the normal skyrim version for those who need it -> No Magic Ninja Ai Dodge - Slower Mage backward sprinting

This is nothing grand, this esp just eliminates the dodge move entirely by changing a global setting in the game from 1 to 0.
The mod addresses nothing else in the game and is entirely unaffected by the change from 32-bit to 64-bit by the Special Edition as all it does is simply telling skyrim to change a one to a zero.

In laymans terms: It's an ON/OFF for the Ai-Dodge move essentially. This mod sets it to OFF. So get your bow and start dispensing arrows, son!

This is what this mod prevents.

There's an alternative esp, which will ADDITIONALLY slow backward sprinting mages. Both effects in one esp.

The alternative esp will slow the players backward movements as well. There's nothing I can do against that, so if that's not your thing, stick to the default esp.

Originally this has already been done in SkyTweak, but i did't want SkyTweak only for one setting back then and I am pretty sure i'm not alone on this.

Requirements and installation

No scripts attached or requirements. Simply put the esp. into your data directory and activate the mod in your launcher.

Comments regarding balance are unasked for and not welcome as balance lies in each players own idea of how they want to influence their game with mods. If you don't like this mod, skip it and enjoy the game your way.

Bandits for being dodging *censored*.
Arrows for not going where I want them to.
Bethesda for making the game we all love - Skyrim
Morodiilunahzaal for being a meanie and robbing bandits of all the fun they could ever have by setting a 1 to a 0.