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Remake of the SKSE plugin that allows you to sleep & wait anywhere, anytime and under any condition.

Permissions and credits

Brief :

Orginal You Can Sleep mod by underthesky, this is remake with updated offsets, compiled against the latest address library so it's version independent. (> 1.5.39)

Original Mod Description :
Have you ever been annoyed because of the restrictions Skyrim places on sleeping?
Or perhaps because the game prevented you from sleeping even where the rules should allow, because of a bug?

This mod was created after spending two nights camping on the cold, hard stone atop the Hall of Attainment and getting attacked by a Dragon because Skyrim was adamant that I was "being asked to leave". It allows you to disable any of these:

You cannot sleep in an owned bed.
You cannot sleep while trespassing.
You cannot sleep while being asked to leave.
You cannot sleep while guards are pursuing you.
You cannot sleep when enemies are nearby.
You cannot sleep while taking health damage.
You cannot sleep in the air.
(No, I didn't make this one up)
This object is already in use by someone else.
 (Beds only)

This also appies to the related wait options

All of this is done by modifying game code with SKSE. No spells, powers, hotkeys or menus. Also no scripts, no esp file and (un)installable at any time.

Configuration :
Everything is enabled by default, you can open the json file and change specific option from true to false.

Installation :
Install with Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex, or manual download then install with above-said tools.
Manual installation: No, it's 2020.

Permission :

The source code inherits and sustains the MIT License, but the binary upload is not.
Contact me before redistributing on other sites.

Credits :
underthesky - orginal You Can Sleep mod
Ryan (Fudgyduff) -  CommonLibSSE

Resources :
Source Code