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Adds a pinball game to Endless Horizon Home as well as a few other fun changes. Requires Endless Horizon Home.

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Skyrim Pinball?

With the help of Sheogorath, Indelious Mephestros was working on ways to help magic become more accepted in Skyrim by creating "fun" games. The story is well explained as you do the investigation into Indelious Mephestros disappearance. This mod is an add-on game for Endless Horizon Home and you can make some gold playing it! WOOT!
LE Version

This mod requires Endless Horizon Home Safe to install if you already have Endless Horizon Home installed on a current game.

The video is very short. WHY? No spoilers!

Other details added to the home:

- Now you can feed Big Happy!

- You can select flute, lute or no music at the pool.

- Big Happy will visit the pool on his own now and not sit in one place anymore.

Check the sticky post for hints.

When you play, don't allow the winnings bowl to get too full or you may start to have fps loss and eventually a crash from too many gold coins bouncing around! Just trap the ball with a flipper and take your time counting all your new wealth!

You unlocked everything in the pinball game if:

Access to Sheogorath's Tilted Table is found in the master bedroom of the home.

Load it after Endless Horizon Home. Your mod manager should auto sort it.

Cleaned with TES5Edit.

No quest scripts.

Special thanks to ista3 for testing.

Images and video on LE with Antique Dragon ENB.

Check out my other mods! Over 40 hours of playable content!

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