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Hello friends, welcome to my profile. My name is Mihail (the guy in the picture above), and I have been creating mods for Skyrim for several years, especially creatures, but also immersive pieces of armor, weapons, spells and quests, and much more. I sincerely hope my work have made your gameplay more fun and exciting. 



Note: As of November 1, 2021, some of my new mods will have age filtering, so if you have adult mods disabled on nexus, you will not have access to some of my content, not only will you not be able to download it, nor will you view its existence. To access my entire portfolio, go to Site Preferences > Content Blocking > Adult Content, and select Show adult content. The family friendly limitation was preventing me from creating some interesting things and so I decided to overcome that barrier. Thanks.











Clarification about hidden mods in my portfolio: If you are looking for 

mod of mine that is currently unavailable, it's because the mod is undergoing

maintenance to receive an update, and will be made available again on

my profile only when the update is complete. Thank you for understanding.



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(14 May 2023)


  • total amount of mods released-
  • mods available for use and in their final versions- (will no longer be 
    updated, except for occasional small technical tweaks that may be necessary)

  • mods hidden at the moment while they are being updated to
    their final version
    - (when they will be made available to the community)

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