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An official patch hub for Realistic Water Two.

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This is the official patch hub for Realistic Water Two SE. Its purpose was to once house all the officially supported patches. However, all actual patching of mod lists has always been a user-side task. Therefore, we're going back to modding roots, which means users are going to have to patch their own mod lists. The only patches provides are those to support new lands or mods that are complicated to patch.

To help users we've linked a video below that explains the basic concepts. It's for FO4, however, the process is the same for Skyrim. Besides the video, please also see the Conflict Resolution article linked above.

Available Patches
The patches are currently provided individually so we can get an idea of their individual usage.
  • Beyond Reach
  • Beyond Skyrim Bruma
  • Falskaar
  • Open Cities
  • Wyrmstooth

JK Skyrim provides a patch with their mod for the trough water that can safely be used.

iNeed, Keep It Clean, Realistic Needs & Diseases
We are no longer providing patches for these mods due to the reasons stated above. However, iNeed users are encouraged to use iNeed Universal Water Patch over a traditional patch.

User/Author Patches
All users and authors are granted permissions to upload and support whatever patches they desire for RWT. However, due to the nature of these patches often becoming outdated and causing issues, we will not officially support any of them. Users are encouraged to patch their own mod lists as this is the only way to guarantee patches are always up-to-date with the latest version of RWT.

Requesting Patches
Users may request patches by doing the following:
  1. Submit a Bug Report.
  2. Use the title format: Patch Request: ModName
    • ...replace ModName with the name of the mod a patch is being requested for.
    • In the text field, simply provide a link to the mod. Any information about what is needed to support the mod will be appreciated.

How to Patch

Unsupported Patches
The following list are sources providing patches for RWT. These patches are not supported!  Some are harmless, but others are broken, will cause problems, or aren't even needed. Bottom line...don't use them.
  • Lost of T'Skyrim: RWT - Calm Lakes Addon

Any patches for Skyrim Particle Patch will be unsupported. The ESP is depreciated and shouldn't be used. See the post here and Mindflux's reply following it: