Skyrim Special Edition
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Turns Nazeem into a woman

'Looking for my husband Nazeem? Check the Jarl's quarters. That's usually where he's getting his backside stuffed these days'

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Turns Nazeem into a woman.

She loses the lines about the cloud district, but the Dragonborn's presence is still a bother. She's still haughty.

Make Follower/Manage with AFT. Or use other mods to put Nazeem in his place'

3 versions under "files" tab. 

1***Original uses APACHII SKYHAIR*** (longer curly hair)
2***Other uses kshairdos_lite*** (shoulder length hair)
3***Keeps Nazeem's original voice, retains lines, male animation***(Uses Apachii)


The first iteration of the mod was made like my Fallout 4 mod "Preston is a waifu" assuming the game would only need the NPC changes, and references to the mods used. SSE doesn't work the same, as I found out the hard way. I tried to make a racemenu version, but it worked out as most seem to, so I remade this version. LOL.

Anyway this version has the facetint and nif included should not have the gray/brown face bug this time. Please report if it does.

* As I got mostly complete on the racemenu version(it shows in nifskope), if this version works as intended, I will finish that version as a separate mod. I will post in the comments to see if anyone likes it enough to bother.

* XBOX and PS4 will also be reuploaded in the next few days. 

** I don't own this game on PS4, so I cannot test if there is brown/gray face when that version goes up. I deleted the previous upload in assumption that it was broken on PC/XBOX, it probably didn't work on PS4.

** The XBOX version will refer to KS Hairdos Lite, for the smaller filesize.

Available at Beth as well