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Simple mod that adds 5 new spells that increase player's carry weight capacity.

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This mod was created primarily for PS4 version of Skyrim Special Edition upon a request made by FluentSarcasmGal.

I know there are better, more complex and/or more interesting mods here on Nexusmods that do the same.
I personally use some of them on my PC version of Skyrim SE.


This mod adds 5 new spells (and respective spell tomes) to Alteration class that increase player's carry weight capacity. They are inspired by respective spells from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.
Mod is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox.


Elsweyr Swallow
Skill Level: Novice
Magnitude: +50 Carry Weight
Duration: 200 seconds

Ease Burden
Skill Level: Apprentice
Magnitude: +120 Carry Weight
Duration: 240 seconds

Lighten Load
Skill Level: Adept
Magnitude: +240 Carry Weight
Duration: 300 seconds

Pack Mule
Skill Level: Expert
Magnitude: +360 Carry Weight
Duration: 360 seconds

Beast of Burden
Skill Level: Master
Magnitude: +600 Carry Weight
Duration: 600 seconds

Spell Tome Locations

Spell tomes can be bought from vendors all over Skyrim or found at specific locations mentioned below.

Pictures of all spell tomes placement are in gallery.
  • Elsweyr Swallow – in Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood, placed on top of barrel in the corner of the building to the right from the entrance door
  • Ease Burden – in Dragonsreach in Whiterun on the table of court wizard
  • Lighten Load – in The Ratway in Riften, placed inside basket in circular room with the axe under the Riften Market well
  • Pack Mule – in Blue Palace in Solitude, on the upper level with throne, placed on top of a cabinet on right balcony over the entrance
  • Beast of Burden – in The Midden under The College of Winterhold, placed on box with lantern to the left of stairs in room before The Atronach Forge


- bugfix for spell rank in UI

- spell tomes added to vendors

- initial release


This is simple ESP-only mod, so feel free to install it manually or with mod manager.
You can choose from two versions - ESP (recommended) and ESL.

Updating from ESP to ESL

When updating from ESP to ESL version, IDs of items change. You will need to collect items added by this mod again.


Just delete the ESP or uninstall mod with your mod manager.


None I know about.
However, be aware of the mods that change the locations listed above. Those may or may not render the spell tomes impossible to find.