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Adds Dynamic repeatable quest/encounter chains to any world space with a lootbox reward system. Also contains a Rogue-like short dungeon crawling experience based on the Rifts from Diablo 3

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SkyrimSE Mod for Dynamic Quest/bounties. Inspired by the ESO Guild The Undaunted and the Diablo 3 Adventure mode.
Undaunted has been designed as an extendable framework with data driven design and to be highly compatible with mods.

SkyrimVR version also available in the files section.

What does this mod do?
Adds a power that starts a three stage quest in the nearby area (works anywhere including any mod created cells). The stages are defined in external files can be edited easily and can reference other mods, there's currently 100 different types of stage. Once all stages are complete you are given a reward key that can be used to open a lootbox in the undaunted camp for random rewards pulled from memory, meaning it supports all mods including armour mods that rely on add item commands.

New in v1.5
Attempts to recreate the experience of Diablo 3 Rifts by adding 29 short dungeons which are randomly selected.
These can be reached by using the Rift Entrance at the Undaunted Camp.
Each rift has a Exit at the end which will return you to the Undaunted Camp, giving a Rouge-like dungeon crawling experience. 
Completing a "Rift" rewards a Undaunted Key.

How to play
1.Visit the Undaunted Camp west of Windhelm.
2.Speak to Vigrod and accept the Undaunted Invocation.
3.Anywhere you want use the Undaunted Invocation.
4.A Quest will start called Undaunted.
5.Somewhere nearby a quest marker will appear pointing to where the bounty starts.
6.Go to the marker, once you are in range the event will begin.
7.Complete the event and another event will appear nearby.
8.Complete 3 events to be rewarded an Undaunted Key.
9.Cast the Undaunted Invocation again or return to the Undaunted Camp and trade your Keys for scaled weapons, armour, scrolls or potions from any loaded mod.

Moddable Framework
  • Open Source:
  • Development Trello board:
  • Bounties use persistent references to place themselves, meaning that they support any cell/world space without having to add anything to the world
  • Able to add and remove bounties via json configuration files.
  • Bounties use a ESP/ESM name + base form lookup, allowing the creation of bounties for mod added enemies.
  • Scripted objectives allow complex bounties to be created using papyrus scripts
  • Rewards are pulled from any loaded mod.
  • Supports concurrent bounties.
  • Wiki on extending Undaunted:


I don't like bounty X, can you remove it?
All bounties are stored in the data/Undaunted/Groups folder, you can disable any by just deleting them.

Vigrod won't speak to me?
Quicksave and reload, this should fix it.

My bounties are all messed up?
You can force a reset by using the pillar next to Brynjolf's tent.

Can you add x?
Possibly, but Undaunted has been designed to be modable. Check out the Wiki and try yourself

Sample Bounty for the Oblivion Gate

  ["Close the Oblivion Gate","Skyrim.esm",0,0],
  ["Gate Outside","Undaunted.esp",13206,"BountyDecoration"],