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Texture replacer for Tel Mithryn

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 Special thanks to all my Patrons and supporters, you are awesome! 

"The master wizards of House Telvanni traditionally grow their homes from fungal spores, using secret methods known only to themselves." (source)

This mod replaces Tel Mithryn (Telvanni Tower) of the DragonbornDLC with hi-res textures (4K). As it is using furniture assets of the DLC, i included my mod Rally's Dark Elf Furniture in this one. It was a similar project as the Riekling Outposts and working with these meshes was equally tedious. Seems Beth didn´t really care about Solstheim and cobbled it together pretty quick. Tried my best to get it done.

It plays nicely with my other overhauls for Solstheim, which complement each other.
Rally's Raven Rock  
Rally's Riekling Outposts
Rally's Solstheim Plants
Rally's Solstheim Landscapes

And if you want another color for the Scathecraw, check out Rally's Solstheim Scathecraw, which offers 5 different versions. 

and i highly recommend to check out the High Poly Mushroom Tress and High Poly Tel Mithryn by Janissaries

If you want to have Parallax for these textures, the Parallax addon by Kulharin is what you need


- download with your prefered mod manager, install and overwrite when promted
- or download manually, extract and put the "Textures" folder of this mod in your Skyrim directory

- disable/uninstall the mod from your manager or remove the files from your Skyrim directory

These textures should be compatible with everything. In case of a conflict, just overwrite when prompted


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