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Zemaria created this mod and granted me permision to port it to SE, the overview from the autor saiys: "This mod will add some greaves.
I'm a derp."

Permissions and credits

emaria created this wonderful mod and granted me permission to port it to SE,  I used this to create this beautiful Khajiit:

Also the Khajiit on above video wasn't my idea, the idea was taken from this youtuber: Shiyozushi Games, all credits to him:

Link to the Oldrim version:

Oldrim description (Please ignore the dragonborn and the Dawnguard section I didn't ported those patches).

(For those that have downloaded this mod before, check the description again. I added some new things and the mod works quite different now.)


This mod will add greaves and legwraps of various armour sets. It will also add some shoes to give some more options in customization, or... you can just walk barefoot. The greaves and legwraps will occupy the 56 slot and the shoes the 37 slot (the normal feet/boot slots for those that don't know). After checking some of the popular mods that add extra equipments that uses different slots, I believe that the one that I picked won't conflict with many mods out there, so have fun!

How it works:

As mentioned before, the greaves will use the 56 slot. That means that you can still use any boots along with the greaves, but beware for some nasty clipping if you do that! The greaves can be crafted and tempered using the same materials of their boots counterparts. You will also need the right perk to be able to create some of them, just like the normal boots (for the boots that can't be crafted like wolf boots, nighting gale boots and stuff like that, you can craft their greaves regardless of that). The greaves also shares the same stats of the boots. The shoes are only there for cosmetic purposes and will not give you any extra defense nor they have any weight. You can craft all the shoes by just using a single "leather strip". No perk required to craft them.

Some things to take into consideration:

- I'll probably won't be able to provide support for weight slider in most of the greaves. Since the foot meshes are not longer attached to the greaves meshes and we also have shoes to add some more customization options, tweaking all this to avoid clipping would be a nightmare for me. Overall, some greaves will look more bulky, so to speak. It's more noticeable in the male greaves, but I think it still looks ok.

- Speaking about the shoes, if you use them without the greaves, you will notice that they look... well... awful. Invisible caulves and all that. I won't fix this. I had to this tweak the shoes in this way to avoid clipping issues with the greaves. Just use the greaves to cover and you will be fine.

- I didn't tweak all the greaves to support the new shoes yet, so expect clipping if you try to equip some of them, especially if you are playing with a male character. You can still use them barefoot though.

Stuff that I still want to do:

- Add more greaves.
- Tweak more greaves to support the shoes.
- Add more shoes.
- Fix some clipping issues

Any feedback might help! If you have any suggestions or find any bug, please, don't hesitate to tell me.

how it looks so far...

If you have any of the older versions of this mod installed, please, uninstall it before installing this one. If you must unistall it manually, delete these files:

"data/greaves of capirotinho.esp"

 (the name of esp may be different depending on the version installed, but you will know the right .esp to delete if you see "greaves of capirotinho").


If you want to go hardcore like a crazy barbarian, amazon, tribal or whatever (or perhaps you are playing with a khajiit or argonian) and ignore the shoes, you may want to use a mod that replaces the vanilla foot meshes for a better one if you haven't done so yet. Here are some good mods to do that: (UNP body) (CBBE body) (male body) (plantigrade feet for khajiits and argonians)