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This mod aims to improve Vanilla skyrims food, it doesn't do anything crazy or add any scripts. It simply has a resource over time mechanic and/or a fortify buff that each type of food gives (based loosely around ESO sweet for magica, meat for health, vegetables for stamina) I have two versions available, So pick which ever one best fits you!

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This mod is pretty self explanatory and straight forward to install and uninstall. All cooked food gives you a 5-15 stat buff, (and restores if you a good amount over time if you get the HoT one) The fortify mod, some items still restore a small amount of health/ stamina, but as its 2-10pts you would have to spam a lot of food for it to matter. 

Some key features:

-There are two recipes for cooked meat; salted and unsalted. Unsalted fortify buff lasts half as long. (so you dont have to have salt, but its better if you do)

-Cheese wheels: Eating an entire wheel of cheese is more detrimental than beneficial (for both cheese wheel and cheese wheel sliced). BUT you can go to a cooking station and turn them into 6 and 4 wedges respectively.

-I didn't touch anything that should affect food for survival mods. As i dont use them, let me know if i need to make it compatible!

And thats it! Its a pretty straight forward mod that makes food useful, and hopefully not too OP (the HoT mod is definitely more OP) I wish i could have added a "full" effect, to where you could only have 2-3 food items eaten in a period of time, and then it would stop you from eating saying "you are too full to eat anymore".
I like the idea of people being encouraged to eat in skyrim, but not being forced too, and not being a wild maniac slicing your way through Dragons and everything else swallowing enough food to feed a village. So please give feed back, i will try to update and improve on it a bit.