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Golden & Silver Earrings for female & male Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Khajiit.

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HN66's Earrings for Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Khajiit.

Humannature66 has given permission for this file to be ported and uploaded to the Skyrim: Special Edition Nexus. 
Please direct any requests for Translation permissions to Humannature66.

Original File can be found here ( )
Author: Humannature66

German Translation by TKHBMVP now available in the downloads section!

It's been brought to my attention the Clamps and Creolas will show on Kahjiit with a helmet equipped. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anything at the moment I can do to fix this. The earrings use a body slot that isn't used by helmets to remove the visual while they are equipped. At this point, I can only recommend using a mod that allows ears to show through helmets, hides helmets, or use circlets for your beautiful Kahjiit to have the best earring experience. Apologies for this trouble.


This mod adds some Golden & Silver Earrings for female & male Humans, Elves, Orcs, and Khajiit to your game. The earrings do not show up on Argonians.

You get both sided Creolas & multiple Clamps in gold, silver, & ancient silver;
These Creolas and Clamps can be enchanted and equipped separately, and they can be worn by females and males.

How you can get them:

All Earrings can be crafted at any forge using silver & gold ingots.
Earrings can be found as random loot as both enchanted and unenchanted items, and purchased rarely from merchants.

Changes from the Original Version:

-Removed the Jewel Chests from the player homes. 

-Added Leveled Lists for the Creolas and Clamps. You can now find earrings as random loot and now have the ability to purchase them from merchants.   They should be found as rarely as other jewelry.

-Added Ground Files to the Clamps and Creolas so they display properly in your inventory. The jewelry can be dropped, however, they roll around like they are attached to a head on the ground and may disappear under the ground.

Additional Info

Bodyslot '45 - Unnamed'  was used for the Creolas, and '44 - Unnamed' was used for the Clamps.
This mod will conflict with any other mod that uses those body slots.

This mod adds items to the following leveled lists:


You can find HN66 on FO3nexus, newvegasnexus & skyrimnexus as Humannature66;


If you like this mod, use & enjoy it, or maybe u like to give a kudos to HumanNature66;

If u need technical help with this, contact HN66 via pm;

My Thanks
Thanks to HN66 for their talented modding and allowing these files to be ported over to the special edition.

Zivlav for their nifscanner

Ousnius for their nifoptimizer, who is amazing and made these ports so much less tedious

HN66's Credits & Thanx
Jen, 2pac4eva7 & XunAmarox for *Blender NIF Import - Export Tutorial*.

solsikke737 for help, thank you!

Bethesda for creating Skyrim;

Thanx for the mods HN66 used for screenshots
*1HD Weapons on Back TS Edition* by TS

*Better Females by Bella* by BellaGail
(tex reworked)

*ApachiiSkyHair* by Apachii

*Female Muscle Mod* by Tigersan
(tex reworked)



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NO reuploads on other sites without my permission.
Nothing of this stuff is resource material and may NOT resubmitted without my written consent!
This includes, but is not limited to derivatives!
In ALL cases give credits to all those named above!

greetz freddo / Humannature66