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Simple mod that let's you marry Jon Battle-Born

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Screw you, Olfina! Why would a son of the loyal Imperial house Battle-Born want to settle for you when he can have the Dragonborn? 

Now that I got that out of my system...

This is a simple mod that lets you marry Jon Battle-Born. If you are a loyal citizen of the Empire, this will no doubt be seen as a mark of prestige for the family. If you are supporting the Stormcloaks...well...might make for awkward family gatherings.

I didn't make any actual changes to the NPC other than changing his clothes and giving him a better weapon, because it sort of bothers me that he dresses like a  thug when his family is one of the wealthiest around and everyone else dresses civilized. And he is suppose to be the "thinker" of the family.  And our house is in Solitude, by the Eight. Can't have him walking around the Blue Palace dressed like he is preparing to go wrestle a bear. Whatever would the future High Queen think?