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New Forsworn enemies that transform into werewolves and werebears in combat.

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"The most powerful Reachmen shamans are called Gravesingers and control armies of the dead"
"Don't be surprised if you face werewolves and werebears among the Reachmen"
Where is this awesomeness
- Simon Magus, convincing me to create this mod

I can't wait to play my werewolf sex playthrough
- Simon Magus, convincing me not to create this mod

One of the little problems with the Forsworn is that for all of the ways they supposedly have a different culture from the Nords, worship Daedra, and practice old magic, this doesn't translate to any difference in their combat other than liking dual-wielding a little more. They are, essentially, Antler Bandits, and very little about how they fight sets them apart from any other enemy type.
This mod edits the Forsworn Berserker leveled lists so that after level 14, 1 out of every 3 enemies added to the list will be a skinchanger instead of a dual-wielder. Skinchangers have no normal weapons or spells, but when they enter combat, they will transform into a werewolf or werebear. These enemies are dangerous mini-bosses and should be treated as such.