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Tired of the same old rolling dodge? Well with this mod I add new animations for the Ultimate Dodge mod.

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Sorry for video Quality I dont have the best pc for gaming

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Dash Dodge :

Spin Dodge:

I found a totally unintended mechanic with CGO and TUDM installed. Apparently jumping twice with CGO allows your character to be able to dodge mid air so you can actually air dash/dodge. Even though this mechanic is a side effect of CGO's it is cool and i would like to see if DS Servant can allow air dodging fully without having to jump twice.

Where I got the idea from:
This idea came about after the release of the mod called glenmoril which has a lot of bloodborne influence in it so i took it upon myself to make the game even more like bloodborne by adding fitting animations like dash dodging and blood vial healing(from my other mod). The ultimate dodge mod was a good place to start as it deals with no scripts and is fully a behavior based dodge system. It also has weight dependency and stamina control like dark souls and bloodborne and doesnt allow dodging mid swing which makes it much more balanced to me and why i dislike tk dodge and CGO's versions of a dodge system. 

Tk Dodge & CGO:
Though its not my priority, i might start making dodge animations for CGO. I really wanted to make this a CGO only mod but with the release of CGO i was disappointed to see that it doesn't have as many features as TUDM so I postponed my progress on it and will consider working it them later. For now TUDM seems to be the best when it comes to dodge settings and dodge mechanics so it will be the primary mod for my animations to work with. Im not interested in making animations for tk dodge at all because i personally dont use it and i dont like the delay it causes because it uses scripts. I only make animations for mods i use or are gonna use at a later date, so unfortunately for some people their dodge mod wont get animations. As for CGO, i will consider working on animations for it but i really want it to have more features like TUDM so for now its not on the top of my list for to-do.


You need to have The Ultimate Dodge mod installed for the animations to work.
- Manually install TUDM in your mod manager of choice 
- Once its installed open the file folder for TUDM and my mod
-Drag and drop the animations from my mod into that of TUDM's animations(remember to back up TUDM's original animations)
--Run Nemesis or Fnis which ever one you use
-(Also don't forget to use the sound patcher so when you roll you can hear dodge sound)

Mod manager Install-
If you installed The Ultimate Dodge Mod through your Mod Manager then just download my mod and select merge files with TUDM to replace the animations inside the folder.
--Run Nemesis or Fnis which ever one you use
-(Also don't forget to use the sound patcher so when you roll you can hear dodge sound)

Side Notes:
-If you only want to replace the roll or step dodge individually then you will need to manually replace the files with roll name or the stepdodge name.(Do this if you still want either the vanilla Roll or Stepdodge from TUDM but want certain animations from my mod.
-You can mix and match the animations as you please so you can have spin dodges for left and right directions and dash dodge for forward and backward directions and vise versa. Just do as you wish with the animations.

My other Mod(s):
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I am accepting donations if anyone would like to help me raise up for a gaming pc I would really appreciate it.