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Here is a list of the contents of Immersive Armors (v7 and on).

The RATING column shows the base (unmodified by skill) armor value of the Torso/Chest piece of the set, or the armor value of the piece itself in the case of non set items like Shields or Hoods. This column is left blank for Clothing items with no armor value.

The Wt column shows H for Heavy Armors, L for Light Armors, U for Clothing items with no armor value.

The Crafting column shows the Smithing perk (or perks) required to craft the set or item.
Arcane+Daedric+Dragon+* for example, means the set requires the Arcane Blacksmith perk AND the Daedric Smithing perk AND the Dragon Armor perk before the set can be crafted AND the * means there is a special note about the crafting which is detailed at the bottom of the list.
Advanced(or Orcish) for example, means the set requires either the Advanced Armors perk OR the Orcish Smithing perk for crafting. This allows the item to be crafted by Smiths who specialise in only one side of the Smithing skill tree.
Some items may be available to craft before the rest of a set where this would be appropriate. The Eyepatch, Gold Earrings & Redguard Knight Cape for example.

MATCHING SET perks: Some Armor sets do not have headgear as part of the set. You can make up a matching set for any of them with a Bandana or Fur Hood, or an Armored Fur Hood or Mantle for Heavy sets, or a Padded Fur Hood or Mantle for Light sets, or with the Mantle of the Silver Hand. The exception to this rule is the Daedric Lord Armor set which cannot match with them because that would be inappropriate and contrary to Immersion.

Akaviri Samurai 42 H Ebony
Alduin Scale 52 H Arcane+Daedric+Dragon+*
Apotheus 35 L Advanced+Arcane+*
Armored Fur Hood/Mantle 16 H Steel
Bandana U *
Barbarian 24 L
Barbarian Hero 33 L Advanced
Boiled Chitin Heavy 40 H Dwarven
Boiled Chitin Light 32 L Elven
Bosmer 30 L Elven
Bosmer Engraved 37 L Glass
Bosmer Reinforced 36 H Dwarven
Brigand Dwemer Breastplate 33 H Dwarven
Brigand Plate Harness 28 H
Buckler of Ysgramor 18 L Advanced+*
Crimson Archer 33 L Advanced
Daedric Buckler 24 L Daedric
Daedric Lord 50 H Arcane+Daedric
Dragon Knight Heavy 49 H Dragon+Ebony
Dragon Knight Light 42 L Dragon+Glass
Dragonbone Ebonsteel 48 H Dragon+Ebony
Dragonhide Buckler 22 L Dragon
Dragonhide Heavy Robe 45 H Dragon
Dragonhide Light Robe 40 L Dragon
Dragonhide Unarmored Robe U Dragon
Dragonscale Ebonsteel 43 L Dragon+Ebony
Dwarven Buckler 16 L Dwarven
Dwarven Mage Heavy Robe 34 H Dwarven
Dwarven Mage Light Robe 29 L Dwarven
Dwarven Mage Unarmored Robe U Dwarven
Ebony Buckler 21 L Ebony
Ebony Mage Heavy Robe 43 H Ebony
Ebony Mage Light Robe 35 L Advanced
Ebony Mage Unarmored Robe U Advanced
Einherjar Brigandine 34 L Advanced
Einherjar Plate 42 H Advanced
Falkreath 38 H Advanced
Fur Collar U
Fur Hood/Mantle U
Gildergreen Heavy Aegis 36 H Daedric*
Gildergreen Light Aegis 30 H Glass*
Glacial Crystal Heavy 46 H Ebony
Glacial Crystal Light 40 L Glass
Glass Buckler 19 L Glass
Heavy Jorrvaskr Shield 28 H Advanced+*
Heavy Painted Body Shield 22 H *
Heavy Painted Kite Shield 23 H *
Heavy Painted Round Shield 21 H *
Heavy Skyforge Shield 30 H Advanced+*
Heavy Spiked Body Shield 30 H Advanced(or Orcish)+*
Heavy Spiked Kite Shield 31 H Advanced(or Orcish)+*
Heavy Spiked Round Shield 29 H Advanced(or Orcish)+*
Heavy Splinted Body Shield 26 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+*
Heavy Splinted Kite Shield 27 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+*
Heavy Splinted Round Shield 25 H Dwarven(or Advanced)+*
Heavy Target Shield 24 H Steel+*
Hedge Knight 41 H Advanced
Heroic Imperial 39 H Advanced+*
Heroic Stormcloak 39 H Advanced+*
Hide Buckler 10 L
Highwayman Mail 27 L
Hunter 32 L Advanced
Imperial Buckler 13 L Steel
Imperial Knight 44 H Ebony+*
Iron Buckler 12 L
Light Jorrvaskr Shield 23 L Advanced+*
Light Painted Body Shield 17 L *
Light Painted Kite Shield 18 L *
Light Painted Round Shield 16 L *
Light Skyforge Shield 21 L Advanced+*
Light Spiked Body Shield 25 L Advanced+*
Light Spiked Kite Shield 26 L Advanced+*
Light Spiked Round Shield 24 L Advanced+*
Light Splinted Body Shield 21 L Elven+*
Light Splinted Kite Shield 22 L Elven+*
Light Splinted Round Shield 20 L Elven+*
Light Target Shield 19 L Steel+*
Mantle of the Silver Hand 21 H Advanced
Mantle of the Silver Hand 15 L Advanced
Mercenary 31 L Elven
Nord Mail Hauberk 31 H Steel
Nord Mail Shirt 28 L Steel
Nordic Dwemer Shield 28 H Advanced+Dwarven+*
Nordic Ebony Light Shield 26 L Advanced+Ebony+*
Nordic Ebony Shield 34 H Advanced+Ebony+*
Nordic Moonstone Shield 23 L Advanced+Elven+*
Nordic Orichalcum Light Shield 23 L Advanced+Orcish+*
Nordic Orichalcum Shield 32 H Advanced+Orcish+*
Orcish Buckler 18 L Orcish
Orcish Masked Helm 20 H Orcish
Padded Fur Hood/Mantle 12 L Steel
Painted Hide Shield 16 L *
Painted Iron Shield 21 H *
Painted Spiked Targe 24 H Steel+*
Paladin Armor 43 H Ebony
Primitive Nord Heavy 39 H Advanced
Primitive Nord Light 30 L Advanced
Ranger 27 L Steel
Redguard Knight Heavy Mail 34 H Dwarven
Redguard Knight Light Mail 29 L Elven
Ringmail 28 L Steel
Ritual Armor of Boethiah 41 L Dragon+*
Seadog 34 L Advanced
Shaman Light Robe 32 L Advanced
Shaman Unarmored Robe U Advanced
Shield of Sithis 27 L Glass+*
Shield of Ysgramor 30 H Advanced+*
Sithis Buckler 19 L Glass+*
Snow Bear 36 L Advanced
Spellbinder 42 H Advanced+Arcane
Steel Buckler 15 L Steel
Stormlord 44 H Ebony+*
Tribunal Heavy Robe/Mantle 44 H Arcane+Ebony
Tribunal Light Robe/Mantle 38 L Arcane+Glass
Tribunal Unarmored Robe U Arcane
Tribunal Mask U Arcane
Trollsbane Heavy Armor 45 H Arcane+Ebony
Trollsbane Light Armor 37 L Arcane+Glass
Vagabond 38 L Glass
Vanguard Plate 40 H Advanced
Vvardenfell Glass 39 L Glass
Warchief Heavy Bulwark 44 H Ebony
Warchief Light Bulwark 36 L Advanced+Orcish
Wild Hunt Heavy 46 H Dragon
Wild Hunt Light 40 L Dragon
Winterhold Battlemage Buckler 19 L Ebony
Winterhold Battlemage Shield 27 L Ebony
Witchplate 41 H Advanced
Wolf Shield 26 H Advanced+*

*Alduin Scale requires completing the Main Quest.

*Apotheus Armor requires reading Ulag's Journal & is made at the Skyforge. The Scarf can be made at any Tanning Rack.

*Plain Bandanas are made at any Tanning Rack. Different colors are chosen at the Painting Rack.

*Buckler & Shield of Ysgramor require completing the Companions Quest - Glory of the Dead.

*Gildergreen Aegis requires completing the Divine Quest - The Blessings of Nature.

*Heroic Imperial Armor requires Membership in The Imperial Legion at Quaestor Rank (at least).

*Heroic Stormcloak Armor requires Membership in The Stormcloak Rebellion at Ice-Veins Rank (at least).

*Imperial Knight Armor requires Membership in The Imperial Legion at Legate Rank.

*Basic Jorrvaskr Shields are made at the Skyforge. Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack.

*Nordic & Skyforge & Wolf Shields are made at the Skyforge.

*Basic Painted, Splinted & Spiked Shields are made at any Forge. Different Designs are chosen at the Painting Rack.

*Ritual Armor of Boethiah requires reading The Ritual Armor of Boethiah Book. The Shroud also requires completing the Daedric Quest - Boethiah's Calling

*Sithis Buckler & Shield require Membership in The Dark Brotherhood.

*Stormlord Armor requires Membership in The Stormcloak Rebellion at Stormblade Rank.

**Quest, Rank or Reading Requirements can be removed by using the Toggle in the Configuration System.