Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Texture overhaul for Raven Rock in Solstheim. It covers all buildings, the temple, redoran houses, docks, banners and basalt piles, furniture, ash-hanging moss, roads and ash.

Permissions and credits

 Thank you for your support, you are awesome!  

"The houses of House Redoran are built from local materials. The exteriors are largely undecorated and are inspired by shells of the native giant insects. Both the exterior and the interior feature organic curves" (source)

This mod overhauls the town of Raven Rock. This town was build as mining settlement in former times and it´s close to a volcano, so i created the look with that in mind. Wanted to give it that Morrowind feel :)
It covers following items, available in 4K and 2K. 

- Buildings 
- Temple
- Redoran Houses
- Doors  (Created hi res versions of the vanilla doors) 
- Docks
- Basalt Piles (Tried to stay close to the original design)
- Banners (Created hi res versions of the vanilla banners)
- Furniture (from my mod Rally's Dark Elf Furniture, see last image)
- Tunnels
- Road
- Ash 
- Ash-Hanging Moss (Added an "ashy" version of my mod Rally's Hanging Moss)

Matching Lods are available in the optional files. Re-running Dyndlod is needed.

To complement this overhaul, take a look at my other mods for Solstheim
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And if you are using vanilla meshes for plants, check out Rally's Solstheim Scathecraw, to cover the scathecraw plants found throughout the map. As it has 5 different versions, i didn´t include in the overhaul.

If you want to have Parallax for these textures, i highly recommend to check out the Parallax addon by Kulharin
If you want to remove the low poly vanilla pebbles from dunes, i recommend Remove Ash Pebbles


- download with your prefered mod manager, install and overwrite when promted
- or download manually, extract and put the "Textures" folder of this mod in your Skyrim directory

- disable/uninstall the mod from your manager or remove the files from your Skyrim directory

These textures should be compatible with everything

Special thanks:
Wolfman5750, js1410, Lollia and blazeyboyyy for testing and your endless patience and the feedback!


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Rally's Brooms 
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Rally's Civil War Document Tubes
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Rally's Dark Brotherhood Clutter
Rally's Dark Elf Furniture
Rally's Drawknife
Rally's Farming Tools - High Poly
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Rally's Gold Coin
Rally's Handcarts
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Mute The Music
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