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This mod gives some variety to merchant inventories, and adds to them some wares that should always have been for sale.

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The purpose of this mod is to add some variety to what merchants of the same type sell, as well as expand their inventories and make them more true to the merchant's own words and role in society. No honest merchant has a valid reason to sell lockpicks, and why would a simple general goods vendor of some rural hamlet in a province that distrusts magic sell so many soul gems and spell tomes? Also, the Dragonborn may be a crazy hero that builds homesteads with tools created from scratch, but regular citizens that wish to repair their roof or a door simply buy nails, hinges and similar from blacksmiths or general goods vendors.

Alchemists now sell more ingredients that are common/abundant/native to the areas where they live, and more poisons and potions; I tried to add potions and poisons matching their words and personalities (Zaria has many poisons, but also healing potions, Frida sells resist cold potions...).

Blacksmiths sell nails, hinges, iron fittings and locks, and some have expanded inventories (specially in big cities); if a blacksmith lives near a mine or source of metal, it makes sense for them to sell more ingots of that metal. Some blacksmiths are more specialized in a certain style or other, according to their culture or story (so orcs will have Orcish equipment, Rustleif may sell scimitars...). Additionally, some blacksmiths supply the warring armies but may sell some equipment to individuals.

General goods merchants no longer sell lockpicks (I also removed them from the regular citizen inventory, because they sell the contents of their pockets as well), and they will sell less magic paraphernalia (except Birna in Winterhold, since prospective mage students are pretty much her source of income); the amounts of weapons, armour, potions and ingredients they sell has also been reduced, that's what blacksmiths and alchemists are for. In contrast, general vendors now have more clutter, clothes and books for sale, as well as housebuilding materials and raw food. The presence of other merchants in their vicinity influences the amounts of specialized stuff they sell (less potions if the town also has an alchemist, more raw food if there's no produce market in the village...).

Inns sell plenty more drinks and cooked food; the nature of the drink and food reflects the place where the inn is, so don't expect
horker in Falkreath or Honningbrew Mead in Riften.

The East Empire Company no longer has the same inventory as some small shop in a forgotten village, they sell valuable and exotic items (exotic means from the Dragonborn DLC), and so does Gulum-Ei who steals from them. Street vendors have now a wider and more accurate offer, and fences sell more items (except the khajiit ones, because the main merchant is someone else). The khajiit caravans sell a lot of stuff of diverse origin. People in Windhelm may sell something imported from Solstheim, and of course Brand-Shei does.

The merchants in the Ragged Flagon have been diversified, instead of 3 blacksmiths and an alchemist there's now a blacksmith (Arnskar), an alchemist (Herluin), a general vendor that specializes in bows (Syndus) and a spells merchant that specializes in enchanted armour (Vanryth).

Not all merchants are covered (mainly the wizards), see this article for which merchants are. If anyone has ideas, I'm open to suggestions. Keep in mind that most changes and additions happen in levelled lists, so you may not see everything you expect the first time, as the game randomly chooses from the list what to add to the merchant chest.

Installation and Compatibility

Download and install with a mod manager of your choice (Vortex or MO2). This mod requires USSEP and has an esl-flagged esp so it won't take a spot in your load order.

Mods that modify the same merchant chests won't be compatible without a bashed patch.