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Scatters 6 types of tree onto the land of Skyrim.
Ported with permission from the original author.
Now with 4K Textures in the optionals

Permissions and credits
[Copied/Pasted] Description from the original Mod Page:

CG4 Trees & Bushes

Scatters 6 types of tree & some bushes onto the land of Skyrim.

Screenshots/Video captured with ENB Enabled.

Billboards for DynDOLOD are right here


I cannot authorize/permit anything, since I just converted these files for SE, added a few fixes and tweaks.

You will have to ask NexusScoomaDrop for a real permission, since it's their creation.
If they give permission, feel free to use my ported files in case you need them.

Just don't make any money with it and give credit, please!

Best regards


Manually placed for best visual Aesthetic.
Bushes & Tree roots have
 no Collision (gameplay friendly).
Mushrooms can be found on some of the biggest trees.
Butterflies/Torchbugs & 2 deer placed in woodland version.

Level Of Detail (LOD)
Level of detail is when a high quality object is swapped to a lower quality object at a distance to keep performance high.
Trees will Pop in (or out) of view at a distance. This is not a bug, but a feature to maintain fps & performance.

Optional Files:
Performance Tree Textures, half the resolution of the main file. Up to 1k resolution.
No Bushes Patch, want no bushes? load this after your main file and it will remove the Bushes.
Bushes with Flowers, a simple bush texture replacer. Draws white flowers on the Bushes.

Conflicts & Bugs:
May conflict with other placed tree mods or City Expansions.

Do I need both Main Files?
No, only one. LITE or WOODLAND (see below).

What is the LITE VERSION?
LITE VERSION is recommended if you don't use DynDOLOD, this version does not
have the woodland added outside whiterun but does have Full-LOD applied to the few exposed trees.
Trees are scattered more openly so the pop in/out effect has been minimised.

WOODLAND VERSION has a woodland area added just outside Whiterun.
The Trees have no LOD in this version (see below for more info about LOD).
This version has noticeable tree pop in/out due to larger areas of exposed trees.
This version is suitable for DynDOLOD users who wish to make Billboard LODs.
It's a matter of personal preference for the non DynDOLOD users if you download this version.

What resolution is the main file?
Up to 2k resolution.

My tree leaves only move sometimes, why?
Skyrim will stop the leaves moving if the games framerate drops below a certain level (usually 30fps).
It's the games way of making sure your frame rate remains playable. This is not a bug but a feature.

Change LOG:

Version v2.3 RELEASED - 1st May 2020:
Octopus Tree is less octopus-like and slightly thinner.
Updated Misc' Tree Billboard resource with the new tree shape.

Version v2.2 RELEASED - 30th April 2020:
1 new tree type added.
Tree bark normal mapping/lighting fixed on all trees.
Updated Misc' Tree Billboard resource with the new tree.
Updated Optional Performance Tree Textures for the new tree.
Version v2.1 RELEASED - 26th April 2020:
Woodland version refined, and two Deer added.
Files optimised and cleaned for better performance.
Bushes retoned (slightly less saturated).
Tundra Homestead tree conflict fixed - reported by ggunit.
New bark texture applied to Elm Tree.
Performance tree textures available, same as the main file but half the resolution.
Version v2.0 RELEASED - 19th April 2020:
Moving Tree Leaves for both the Lite Version and Woodland Version.
Woodland versions woods tweaked.
Version v1.9 RE-RELEASED - 17th April 2020:
Woodland area extended outside whiterun.
Animated tree leaves have been removed from this version due to a Crash To Desktop bug.
Version v1.8 RELEASED - 16th April 2020:
Woodland area added outside whiterun near the Western Watchtower. Butterflies & Torch Bugs added to woodland area.
Collision fix on tree. Full LOD disabled on all trees.
Version v1.7 RELEASED - 11th April 2020:
Small Tidy up in the main file. Main Files textures set to Type B as standard.
Version v1.6 RELEASED - 10th April 2020:
1 new tree type Added (see images). Some of the new trees are placed across the tundra also.
Normal textures all half size for performance. Worst main file tree texture (was 256px) is now better quality as standard (512px).
Version v1.5 RELEASED - 9th April 2020:
Texture seams on trees greatly improved. Small performance gain also.
Version v1.4 RELEASED - 8th April 2020:
Tree fix applied, with a small performance gain too.
ALTERNATIVE BUSH TEXTURE v1.0 - 5th April 2020:
Released Alternative Bushes Texture, a cleaner texture for those who prefer clarity.
TREE BARK TYPE B v1.0 - 4th April 2020:
Released Quality Tree Bark Type B, (now standard in main file).
Version 1.3 RELEASED - 4th April 2020:
Tree Texture Fixed where Root Meets Tree. Tree Lighting Fixes.
Version 1.2 RELEASED - 3rd April 2020:
Fixed Poor Tree Lighting Normals. Quality Tree bark textures Updated.
Version 1.1 RELEASED - 2nd April 2020:
v1.1 Another texture fix applied. OPTIONAL FILE UPLOAD: Quality Tree bark textures
Version 1.0 RELEASED - 1st April 2020:
v1.0 has the tree texture stretch fixed and another tree type added (adult of the Juvenile tree).
Version 0.98 RELEASED - 1st April 2020:
v0.98 has 1 new tree type added, a Juvenile tree.
Version 0.96 RELEASED - 30th March 2020:
v0.96 has bush updates around the riverwood region and performance refinements.
Version 0.91 RELEASED - 29th March 2020:
v0.91 has a few bugs fixed, and also a small performance gain too.
Version 0.9 COMPLETED - 28th March 2020:
v0.9 includes more tree & bush placements around the Falkreath Hold region, some placements along the road from Solitude and near to Dragon Bridge also.

Update 26/05/2020 (v2.3.1):
Added missed USSEP records. Cleaned up the dl section.
(Esl options became full Mods)

NexusScoomaDrop (CG4 - Snail Pixel) for the original Mod

Please also say thank you to 
SmauXy & 1fromVault22 
who helped me 
ironing this out!

* All my uploads are opted- in for Donation Points to the Make-A-Wish Foundation (100%)