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Suite of scripts to automate mesh processing. Included are parallax and specular enablers and shader flag setters. All scripts come with a user interface.

Permissions and credits
Do not blindly run these scripts on your data folder.
They are a modders resource to be used in providing patches and reducing repetitive manual work in releases.

With Parallax being the best thing since sliced bread on SE currently, I was surprised there was never some kind of automated tool to actually set up a mesh for parallax, even on LE. Or at least, I couldn't find anything.

With some Googling and referring to the scripts from Kriffin's AllGUD SE, I was able to cobble together a script that can process meshes in batches to add parallax to them. Hopefully this means new parallax releases will include mesh patches for other mods since this script eliminates most of the effort required beyond creating the textures.

This evolved over time to include other automation scripts.

What It Does
  • Sets Shader Type and Shader Flags 1
  • Adds vertex colors (white) to meshes lacking
  • This is required for meshes to be visible when parallax is enabled on them
  • Automatically generates the parallax texture path (see features)
  • Ignores blocks where the shader type is already set (ie. non Default: Environmental, GlowMap, etc) excluding Parallax
  • This prevents removing other desired mesh effects
  • Ignores blocks that have transparency
  • These seem to cause problems with parallax
  • Ignores blocks with skinning
  • Parallax isn't supported on these kinds of blocks
  • Ignores blocks with back lighting
  • This causes lighting issues when parallax is enabled
  • Ignores meshes with attached havok animations
  • These cause a game crash when parallax is enabled

  • Sets Shader Flags 1 to enable specular
  • Sets Glossiness to the user-defined value if it's 0
  • Sets the Specular Color to the user-defined value if it's black

(Set Shader Flags)
  • Sets selected shader flags under sections 1 and 2 to enabled or disabled depending on settings
  • Rim lighting on shapes can cause glowing under certain lighting conditions.

  • Texture Blacklist allows you to exclude specific blocks from being modified based on the diffuse or normal texture they use
  • Non-destructive
  • User interface and logging
  • Parallax: choose to generate texture path based on diffuse or normals
  • Specular: choose color and gloss values set when meshes are generated

Extract the archive to your "Edit Scripts" folder where SSEEdit/xEdit is installed.

  • Open xEdit
  • Load at least one plugin so you can get to the scripting functions
  • Right-click on a plugin and select "Apply Script"
  • Change the script to "ItAdds_"
  • Press OK
  • Select the paths where your meshes are located and the path where you want your processed meshes to be saved to
  • Choose settings. You can hover over fields to get a hint on what each is used for.
  • Press Start