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My take on making excess dragon souls useful, ported from LE to SE. Stockpiled souls improve power attacks, shout duration and power. Lose souls on death to revive, or convert souls into perk points. More features in the works.

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        Souls Do Things 2        
A Dragon Soul Utilities Mod

DISCLAIMER: I cannot run SSE due to having subpar system requirements, and I literally only purchased it so I can use the CK in 64 bit architecture for conversion purposes. As a result, this mod was developed and tested only in LE. It SHOULD work in SE, and I will help to the best of my abilities if it does not, but please understand I may not be able to support to the extent I can LE.


  1. Updated Skyrim
  2. Dragonborn
  3. SkyUI


In mid-2019, I published a mod called Souls Do Things. It was designed as a lightweight means of making dragon souls useful. While the mod was perfectly playable in my own games, a common request I got after uploading it was the need for an MCM menu fo convenience. It was a valid suggestion, as the original mod handled settings through globals set via console commands. However, I was relatively new to coding, and I found it tedious that in order to make an MCM menu, I would have to change almost all of how the various perks, spells and magic effects interacted with each other to some extent.

6 months after I released that mod, I finally found the time and motivation to give it a new crack. So here we are.

Souls Do Things 2 is my take on making excess dragon souls useful, ported from LE to SE. Stockpiled souls increase power attack damage, shout magnitude, stats, and more. Lose souls on death to revive, or convert souls into perk points. More features in the works.

Dragon Soul Stockpile

Gather dragon souls to increase your power. Each value can be configured independently of every other value, and can even be capped. Most dragon soul mods treat excess souls as a currency. I decided to treat them as a stat.

  • Power Attack Damage - Each soul you collect can be configured to increase your power attack damage by x%.
  • Shout Power - Each soul you collect can be configured to increase shout power by x%.
  • Shout Duration - Each soul can be used to increase shout duration by x%.
  • Shout Cooldown Reduction - Each soul can be used to reduce shout cooldowns by x%.
  • Health, Magicka and Stamina - Each soul can grant a flat boost to your stats.

Dragon Soul Revival

Save yourself from death by expending dragon souls. Upon taking lethal damage, you will instead enter bleedout, and after a brief delay, restore hit points to full. Four modes available.

  • Mode 0 (Compatibility) - Revive function is disabled for compatibility with Death Alternative, Sacrosanct, etc.
  • Mode 1 (Softcore) - Specify the number of souls you lose on death via the Revive Cost slider.
  • Mode 2 (Mediumcore) - Lose half of current souls on death. Revive requires a minimum number of souls equal to the value of the Revive Cost slider.
  • Mode 3 (Hardcore) - Lose all souls on death. Revive requires a minimum number of souls equal to the value of the Revive Cost slider.

Dragon Soul Revival also has several extra settings

  • Revive Cost - This is the number of souls necessary to trigger the revive function on death.
  • Revive Cooldown - This applies a cooldown period between revives in the form of a debuff.
  • Super Mode* - This casts Dragon Aspect on the player upon revival. Think of it as an emergency breakout ability when pushed to the edge. Note that this requires 5 souls stockpiled to cast Dragon Aspect 1, 10 souls for 2, and 20 souls for Dragon Aspect 3 respectively.
  • Spirit Mode - This casts Become Ethereal Level 1 on the player upon revival. 

*Super Mode is by default not affected by the Dragon Soul Stockpile feature, as the vanilla shout does not make use of the MagicShout keyword. However, it IS affected by mods that alter the vanilla Dragon Aspect shout.

Dragon Souls to Perk Points

Convert Dragon Souls into Perk Points with a spell. Add the spell via the MCM menu, or find the spellbook in Farengar's office if you want a more immersive method.

Dragon Soul Crafting

You can use your dragon souls to craft powerful artifacts. As of v2.0a, 9 effects are available, one of each type of material that can be used to craft a mask. In the future, this will be updated so the enchantment varies based on the material of the mask as well as the name it is given.

Here is a list of current effects:


Select a buff by interacting with Word Walls. Then unlock more power by using the Dragon Aspect shout while under the effects of your chosen Attunement. Fire, Frost and Storm attunements are available, and more will come in future updates.

  • Attunements increase damage dealt and reduce damage from the associated element.
  • Casting Dragon Aspect at rank 1 will provide power attacks and bows a boost based on the element.
  • Rank 2 Dragon Aspect will increase general damage resistance and envelop the character in an elemental cloak.
  • Rank 3 Dragon Aspect will release an elemental burst and double the bonuses provided by Attunement.

An in-depth explanation can be found here:

Upcoming Features?

Note: These are mostly theoretical. Whether or not they make it in depends on how much time I have IRL. Nonetheless, drop a request or suggestion and I'll see what I can do.

  • Optional module for non-Dragon souls to be useful.
  • Crafting system utilizing black, white, and dragon souls.

                                              Compatibilities and Performance                                              

  • No running scripts. No periodic checks. Effects fire only when they have to.
  • Requires a bashed/smashed patch if used with mods that alter Miraak.
  • Stacks multiplicatively with other perk-based shout scaling mods.
  • Recommended to try with Dead is Dead or at the very least, Only Save when Resting. That way you're not tempted to load when shit goes wrong, and you can actually use the revive function.
  • Compatible with custom and mod-added shouts... and any spell really that uses the MagicShout keyword in its magic effects.
  • Load after any mods that edit Dragon Aspect (Thunderchild/More Draconic Dragon Aspect), and then Smash.



  1. Download
  2. Install


  1. Download .rar file.
  2. Extract contents to Skyrim/data folder.

If Updating to 2.0a from 1.xx

  1. Take note of .esp location in your load order.
  2. Load a game, and disable all features in the MCM. Save and exit.
  3. Uninstall the mod from your load order.
  4. Load your save. Save and exit.
  5. Install v2.0a or above in the same location in your load order.


  1. Be sure you are not in the middle of reviving or absorbing a dragon soul.
  2. Uninstall
  3. Run a save cleaner to be sure.