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Severely limits player and NPC's ability to turn when attacking and some other small changes to combat pacing.
Dark Souls FTW!

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I do not claim its a realism mod, only that it changes Skyrim's combat in a pretty substantial way, by fixing what I perceived as an issue.
If you like this mod, thats great, Im happy I could help. However if you dont, then please remember that nobody is forcing you to use this mod.

Race Based Attack Commitment

Finally I have found the way to stop the player and NPC's from changing direction during attack animations. Turns out it was very easy...

Anyway, the ability to track enemy movement when you were attacking bugged me a LOT. Especially after playing Dark Souls. When I tested a fake dodge animation I saw a guard do a lounging thrust attack and track me the whole time doing a 180deg turn. I just couldnt treat Skyrim combat seriously after that.

In DS when you or the enemy attacked you couldnt change the direction mid swing. Now it is possible to have similar thing in Skyrim. It is possible to completely lock the direction (optional files), but when you swing the camera is completely locked then. Now actors can turn during an attack about 20 degree (as opposed to 180), this allows a bit of camera movement. Im still testing out values, so if you guys feel its too much let me know.

Note that creatures like animals and such are NOT affected.

In addition I edited the movement speed with weapons drawn so its slower and same in every direction for more DS style of gameplay. When you have different speeds for different directions the combat feels really clunky.

Also I reduced the speed at with you can move during an attack. It means you cant cover as much ground when attacking (swinging speed is till the same). Watch out, a running power attack can still cover a fair bit of a distance, but now you can actually dodge to the side.

Overall it makes combat much more tactical as you actually can dodge you enemies' attacks, but you also open yourself up when you do the attack. Judging the distance becomes important.

Its a tiny mod that should be combined with other combat mods such as:

Suggested mods:

TK's HitStop - gives the "oooph" feeling to the attacks that hit, by applying some effects like slight blur, time slowdown, very customizable
TK's Dodge - adds a dodge button with actually gives you some invincibility frames
Lock-on - for more Dark Souls style of gameplay (grab a retexture). BTW:this mod would be even better if there was any mod that would add 360deg run with weapons drawn, if you know one let me know.
A combat mod of your choice - best if it is possible to configure it so every hit is punishing (personally I use Action Combat, Combat Evolved and Duel - Combat Realism with Fighting Fatigue)

Moments of Silence - my own mod for a bit more Dark Souls atmosphere, it adds silent tracks to playlists so you dont get a non-stop music, dosent overwrite anything, just allows for moments of silence.

Main version:
Attack commitment movement speed fluid v4 - 20deg turn allowed, speed changed: running & walking in any direction has the same speed with weapon drawn, overall drawn weapon running speed is a bit faster then in the old version (305 skyrim speed units). Makes fights a bit more fluid.

Versions to download:
Attack commitment - 20deg turn allowed but without drawn weapon movement speed changes
Attack commitment no turn - actors cant turn at all during attack animations (note it also locks camera during attacks), no drawn weapon movement speed changes
Attack commitment movement speed fluid no turn - actors cant turn at all during attack animations (note it also locks camera during
attacks), drawn weapon movement speed changes

Known issues:
Due to being probably hardcoded, the camera is locked for the whole duration of the attack animations. If anyone knows how to let player keep camera control during attack, you are welcome to create your own mod, or help out.

Known incompatibilities:
Mods that change movement speed for attacks (such as deadly combat)
Mods that change movement speed when weapon is drawn (such as Realistic Humanoid Movement Speed)

^Just load my mod after those and my changes will take the priority without issues.


If you want to edit the turn amount allowed: start your Creation Kit, load my mod (or not), go to: Character > Movement Type, there you can edit movement types
Movement types for attacks:

NPC_Attacking2H_MT - 2H normal attacks
NPC_Attacking_MT - 1H normal attacks
NPC_PowerAttacking_MT - all power attacks

You want to edit "rotate in place" and "rotate while moving". The values for these are in degrees

Also, yes, it was THAT easy to fix one of the biggest problems with Skyrim's combat.


v4 - current version

*should work with SSE properly now

*new version: Attack commitment movement speed fluid v3 - completely removed changes to archery and magic, speed values so they are same for every direction
*changed optional versions - removed changes to archery and magic, standardized distance covered in attack across all versions.

*new version: Attack commitment movement speed fluid v2 - changed speed values so they are same for every direction and running with weapon drawn is faster

*more ground covered during attacks (it was a bit too easy to kite enemies)
*movement speed versions changed: decreased side and back running speed (running forward remains same), again to limit kiting possibility

v1 - initial release