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mmccarthy4 converted by myself

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Blackened Steel Armor set twisted and converted to fit the lovely ladies of Azeroth... i mean Tamriel.

Permissions and credits
I rebuilt the armor to fit the female body and of course added some of my "pervy" zaps :)

This is CBBE with and with out physics.

one MUST install Blackened Steel Armor and Weapon Set and give Kudos to MMCCARTHY4 first then install this and allow to overwrite, had to edit the esp to allow for the new options. 

I want to thank MmCcarthy4 for allowing me to do this, it is a badass armor and weapon set.

new armorset for you guys to enjoy. Easily my most detailed amor yet and the sword is very much inspired by late 16th century Greatsword. I even called it a spadone (the itallian name for greatsword).Works for both male and female.

Male has weight sliding and female one size in the middle.
Craftable under steel and requires advanced armors perk to improve(like steel plate)
When improving weapons and armor no additional materials are required. (you wouldn't do this in real life)
Armor is eqeal to ebony and weapon is better than daedric and faster and better reach. Not hugely op but it's functionally much better designed than high end swords it's a little better statistically.
You can also use console commands obviously if you don't want to craft them.
Cowl (hood and cape)

copied from Original mod page.

Thank yous:

Aers for taking the big step at taking over SMP (has nothing to do with this mod but i just like thanking him for taking on SMP) 

I really wanna thank ChronoTrigger77 for teaching me some of the tricks and how-to's with armor modding and for letting me help with the rebuild of Remodeled Armor for SSE.
Groovtama: for Skeletons..
Caliente & Ousnius: CBBE and BodySlide... 
Acro748 for the awesome 3BBB bodies.
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