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Adds WIC unenchanted cloaks and hoods to more clothing leveled lists. An optional file for WACCF allows unenchanted cloaks appears in wardrobes and dressers. Lightweight esp ESL flagged.

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Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks is an all favourite cloak mod, immersive 200%.

However, the mod have some minor problems (in my opinion):

-Cloaks and hoods weren't included in some clothing leveled list. That derives in less chances for find in the world, except looting.
-Used in conjuction with Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes the unenchanted cloaks and hoods don't appear in wardrobes and dressers. Anyone in Skyrim have a cloaks in their house?

These patches solves these problems:


Two separate mods (take one or both):

- WIC - Extra Leveled List:
This patch is for vanilla Skyrim SE. Add unenchanted cloaks to clothing leveled list using by merchants and furniture (wardrobes and dressers).

- WIC - Extra Leveled List (WACCF):  Requires WACCF. Add unenchanted cloaks to clothing leveled list using by furniture (wardrobes and dressers).

Both files are esp ESL flagged. Free enter in your load order.

I distributed the cloaks in the leveled lists respecting the original mod rarity. 

My mod only distribute unenchanted and unarmored hoods and cloaks, focusing in clothing.

Recommended Use:

I recommend use Wrye Bash to solve possible conflicts in leveled list.

If you use Suvival Mode, don't forget the patch included in Survival Mode Patch Collection for add warmth rating to cloaks and hoods.


Thanks to Nivea author of the main mod Winter Is Coming SSE - Cloaks.

Also my thanks to Kryptopyr author of Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes.

If you like my work, please also endorse the original mods. Both are great mods and probably you already endorsed, but if not, is never late.

If you like immersion, check my others mods:

Angry Nords: Add more random enemy encounters in a lore friendly way. Work in progress. In short term I will make a patch for add WIC cloaks to the Angry Nords.
Rustic Weapons Pack - Patches (Balance-Crafting and Extra Leveled List): Immersive patches for another great mod.