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  1. ThorM465
    • member
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    Loot has Bandolier - Bags and Pouches Classic listed as a master. Do I need that mod? It's not listed as a requirement on this mod page.
    1. GoddRighteousOward
      • member
      • 381 posts
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      As long as the version of Bandolier you use is DLed from the Bandolier Nexusmods page...I think it would still be okay.
  2. naturaldopamine
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    what the f*** is CCOR
    1. Smognoggler
      • premium
      • 44 posts
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      Complete Crafting Overhaul Remastered, It's in the description you didn't read.
  3. ra2phoenix
    • premium
    • 462 posts
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    Thank you for this! As a note, this could be ESL flagged since it's just a patch.
    1. InstantKor
      • premium
      • 1,011 posts
      • 97 kudos
      But wouldn't flagging as a esl make this load high in priority over CCOR?
    2. Guyovich67
      • premium
      • 32 posts
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      @InstantKor no. you can flag an .esp as an Esl which is different from a .esl and doesnt affect load order.
    3. mrbetadine
      • premium
      • 31 posts
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      esl loads after esm before esp but an esp flagged esl loads according to load order.
  4. Jollygator
    • member
    • 8 posts
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    Thank you so much for making and sharing this fix.  I'll use heavy armor with immersion/survival gear and some potions/food and there's literally no weight allowance left to loot anything.  The original bandolier and pouch weight settings at least make it viable!
  5. Glanzer
    • premium
    • 4,616 posts
    • 125 kudos
    I'm guessing the krypt and the other modders in that group thought that Bandoliers gave too much advantage. Looking at the values in the plugins, the CCOR patch makes everything just 20% of the original carry bonuses. You could increase your carry weight by about 200 or even 300 pretty easily by wearing lots of bags here and there. Not realistic and maybe immersion breaking. With his patch you only get an increase of about 40 to 60 carry weight. So I guess we just need to decide what we want. There is a readme that comes with the CCOR patch that talks about the changes and why they were made. Seems to explain everything EXCEPT there is no mention of the carry weight changes. hmmmm

    I guess it comes down to this: Are these "magical" bags/pouches, or just "normal" bags/pouches. Just because they have fortify carry weight on them doesn't mean they have to be magical (they need that effect to work in the game). I don't think "normal" bags would somehow allow you to suddenly carry 400 when a moment before you could only carry 175. Just some thoughts...

    In any case, this is a great fix for those that decide they want the original values, and I've endorsed it.
    1. Glanzer
      • premium
      • 4,616 posts
      • 125 kudos
      I asked the CCOR/Bandolier patch author about why the carry weight stats were reduced to 20% of their original values, and he answered me here:

      Author answer
  6. crazz2323
    • member
    • 608 posts
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    Yes thank you! I thought my game was all screwed up. Is it normal to only see a few of the bandolier items in the crafting menu when using the tanning rack? For example, I only see a few of the Bandolier's and some pouches and only one Belt Bag-Right. The rest do not have a right/left/side etc. and the list of what I can craft is much shorter. 

    I'm hoping that is normal until you have all the materials? I disabled the sorting inventory options in the CCOR MCM menu.

    Also, if things are working properly, should Bandolier's show as an option somewhere in the CCOR MCM menu? The Mods section is empty.

    *Edit, I may have answered my own question. I did not realize if you made a regular pouch and go to equip it, that it then asks you what side.
  7. deleted75062723
    • account closed
    • 694 posts
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    Glad I found stupid for a +10
  8. kxin1126
    • premium
    • 1 posts
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    Thank you! just switched from Ars Metallica to CCOR and didn't knew that the compatibility patch could cause this... It really makes the bandolier mod useless... What they were thinking? What I'm supposed to do with a fortify carry weight of +10? Ty again, great fix
  9. longjohn119
    • premium
    • 301 posts
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    Thank you very very much for this

    What the hell were they thinking when the walked all over the Mod author's work like this? I have never ever seen someone complain and say "Great mod but it let's you carry too much" ......
  10. Olioster
    • premium
    • 323 posts
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    Thank you for this. The changes CCOR made to these made them practically worthless.

    Also, you should make this a ESL-flagged ESP. It can be easily done with Wrye Bash.