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This mod simply increases damage done to and by the player. But still allows players to set the difficulty to accommodate their play style. This mode should easily work along side of any other combat mod, it just changes the damage values for each difficulty.

Permissions and credits
I made this mod so that people can enjoy Sky-rim combat the way i would envision it (quicker/ deadlier). The main things that will save you in combat are: armor, blocking, and knowing what weapons to use against what opponents.

New Damage:
By/To player

Very Easy: 1.825/ .5
Easy: 1.675/ 1.0
Normal: 1.675/ 1.525
Hard: 1.675/ 1.675
Very Hard: 1.675/ 1.825
Legendary: 1.525/ 1.825

The idea behind the damage is this: you basically always do a little more than 1.5x the damage as if you were playing on normal so that time to kill on enemies is a lot less. And then you can increase difficulty to incrementally increase how much damage you take. Until you hit the lowest or highest difficulties, then the amount of damage you do is either increased a little or decreased a little.

*this mod does require an optional file from my main mod that i created this from. To find it easily go here