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Unique plaques for each of the shrines on the way up to High Hrothgar.

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At long last, Bethesda has answered all those letters I've been sending them!  Skyrim SE features brand-new glorious shrine textures and...well, actually, it's kinda silly that they're not in any extant Tamrielic script.  Time to knock down those plaques and pin up my new ones, based on the Skyrim dragon script.   Each shrine now has an engraving that actually matches what the description is, though you'll have to be fluent in Draconic to actually read them.

Should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the physical location of the markers.

Extract the archive to your Data folder. The folders are set up so you just need to extract everything and it will all be in the proper place. Or use NMM.

Get rid of all the PilgrimsDelight files in your Data folder. You horrible, dreadful man.