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RBS2020 procedurally changes bodyshapes of females and since Version 0.3 males, by morphing them. Every NPC including those that come with mods will have a unique bodyshape.

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Realistic Body System 2020 (RBS2020)

As it is the first version i publish and its only tested by me, yet, i call it an alpha version.

For us, skyrim is something like a virtual home. From time to time we come back, check some new mods and have again fun for hundreds of hours :).
Immersion breaking for me always was that all females and males  share the same bodyshape. So i tried to change that in Oblivion with VORP (wow, that was complicated) and then for Skyrim LE with RBS (complicated, too). Now with Racemenu allowing us to use morphs it is much less complicated to change the NPCs Bodyshape. So i had to do it again. There are other ways to do it. But i always want to do it procedural, so i can get surprised by the look of the NPCs

How does it work?

You must have installed Body, Armor and clothes with Morphs enabled, if not there will be no visible change.

Open MCM Menu, click on Morph and thats it. If you want you can change the options click on Morph again.

RBS2020 iterate through all the female and male NPCs and morph their bodyparts. This is calculated by deterministic random function (procedural) provided by a SKSE plugin.

NPCs weight is source for most calculations, muscles and fitness are calculated with the help of Actors(NPC) values.

Morphs will be saved with your savegame.

  • MCM menu: Morph Button to morph the female NPCs. (1-2 seconds).
  • MCM menu: Seed Offset added. The Seed is used for procedural calculations. If its offset is default (0), females will look different
  • but the same in all different installations. If you change the offset and morph again, new bodyshapes will be generated.
  • MCM menu: Morphfactor added. 100% (default) normal sizes. Higher values bigger bodysizes in common but mainly on higher weight females.
  • MCM menu: Breastsize morphfactor. 100% (default) normal sizes (small to big). Higher values bigger in common but mainly for higher weight
  • females

Which depenencies does it have?

* The morphing function is provided by the great Mod Racemenu created by Expired, so that have to be installed.

* Morphing of the Clothes, Armor and Bodies is only possible with the help of Calientes Bodyslide Tool and its morph enabled Meshes.


Run Bodyslide choose body CBBE or CBBE (physics) and preset zeroed sliders, check "Build Morps" and then hit "Batch Build..."

What´s in for the future?

Yeah, that depends ;) I have some ideas, but they are stopped by too low skill with skse plugin programming. ;) I provide the source code, too. So if you want to help, i would be happy if you do so.

* if possible other procedural changes to npcs.